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Rocking the DNS Launch

Dec. 21, 2005 10:20 am oh my god!

Wow it was a blast! I had my final presentation together with some department heads, staff and CFO. I just can't beleive that the presentation took 3hrs. I just can't help but wonder why on earth time seems to run faster during those major events.

I guess that's the mystery of life.

Here are some pictures:
from left to right: Jojo (Meter/Billing Department Head) and Ramil (Field Inspector)

At the left most is Erwin, Chihi(MIS staff) and Tess(Teller)

Ehemmmm me in action...I was answering some questions thrown by Emily(Corportate Communication Department Head) left most, Joan(Auditng Department) and Clair(Auditing Staff).

The finale...John(The next MIS Head) at my right, Karen then Jojo standing behind me.

Don't you just love it when you have a laptop+projector when you present something? its seems so real hahaha...Profesional na ba?

That's all folks! I'll be going home to Davao tomorrow. Home sweet home. Merry Christmas.


Hurray, Hurray, Hurray for me...

Finally! I've just got my long awaited vengence. I nailed him in the cross and while watching a couple of feet I give him the finger hahaha. Im over exagerated!

You might be thingking that im talking to the dork guy that pisss my day last time. Your wrong dead wrong. Actually my vengence has nothing to do with computers nor network hubs.

It's all about the game! Basketball games as usual.

I remember last december of 2003 when I just arrive in this place it was dark and the wind blows quite strong but not that strong. I had this ball where I just borrowed and tried to burn some fats just to make my self busy and enjoy the night while wondering what will happen to my future.

Then came in an unknown guy who simply join with me playing balls. The usual shooting and dribbling then came out the challenge. He ask me for a one on one. Then I said ok fine since I have been practicing quite sometime and I was confident enough with my trigger hand to nail him …

Wireless USB Hub

Tanananan....Check this USB out.

Top Ten Alternative Search Engines

Sick and tired of the Big Four Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, AOL, or MSN ?

Check this 10 search engines alternatives...Click here.

Dork guy in the office

I think this blog will be another dark stories that I can share to you and at the same time quite a learning too.

Everything starts last tuesday. The dork guy im blogging about is our network administrator inside CELCOR.

It was a fine tuesday back then and I was preparing for the final showdown of my system next week. I had a peding job which is to install my application to the other computer since last week the harddisk fails and took a rest in peace mode.

The funny thing about it was the network administrator configure its own operating system in a very strange way because in order to access a network instead of the usual //computername you have to change it to //ipaddress. It was odd. But anyway, I did not mind at all since I was in a good mood.

When I tried running my program I notice that it won't log-in to the server and I thougth its because of the network line. I told him that it was ok and he can now install it to the user so they may proceed with their task.

After the install…

Small Biz 101: Cash Flow

So you're convince of starting up a company...Sounds fun. But before you do check this links out for more information.

Dating an Apple Developer

I beleive this goes out to all developers not just apple.

To all the women in the world here is my favorite line:

Ladies, next time you go looking for a man, don’t check out the local bar scene. Think Different.

Click here for the complete story.

Bad Luck

For the past 4 days was filled with bad luck for me. Starting with thursday. I was quite excited about the next basketball even since it's ganna be something awesome to look on to considering the fact that both teams are really good.

However, due to the weather condition it was suspended. There was no game at all. Then I go back to my office to simply do the job then came along the son of the commissioner. He want's to check out his cellphone since I allowed him to charge.

The funny thing about it was twice he went in and out of our room. Then he leaves the room telling me that his father was already present and waiting for him.

Then after 30 mins one of my officemate cellphone was missing. Ouch! Of course there was only one suspect. Though we did not made and instant assurance about it but still he was the main suspect.

Then the next day which is friday. After a couple of analysis one of our officemate help us. She knows one teacher who works at the same school where the boy is s…

Google: Ten Golden Rules

Strive to reach consensus. Modern corporate mythology has the unique decision maker as hero. We adhere to the view that the "many are smarter than the few," and solicit a broad base of views before reaching any decision. At Google, the role of the manager is that of an aggregator of viewpoints, not the dictator of decisions. Building a consensus sometimes takes longer, but always produces a more committed team and better decisions

Cick here for more...

How to Get Started

Lately, i have been thinking a lot if am I on the right path or perhaps lost in my destiny. Questioning my own strengths and the risk that I took seems absurd. Perhaps the quest for answers are seemlessly...If you feel you know exactly what I mean check this blog out How to Get Started.

The freelancer guy

It's been 2 years since I deceided to take this challenge and prove that I have got the balls to build this system in CELCOR. Who would have think that a geek guy would take this challenge and just be insane.

Well, I did!

I remeber the week before I decided to just go and take this challenge. It was the last week of november 2003 when I receive a phone call over my cellphone and a guy name john ask me if I was interested in doing a major overhaul of their system. Back then I just finish my first ever major project which was an enrollment system. It was under maintenance mode where all I did was inspecting database integrity and accuracy. In some way i felt bored with my life despite the fact that I just finsh the system. Quite ironic but I guess human being will never be satisfied with material things even in software development.

When I inform my mother about it she said a big No!. She said that the offer was too small and I don't want you to risk it. The same is true with my fa…

Google Factory Tour

The Reason For This Game

Everything has a reason as they usually say. And it is also true in my case.

Basketball has been my sports since elementary until at present. Im not ranting in here because we lost again for the second time but rather giving you a reflection of what I have learned.

Last night was our second game. This time our competitor was the Engineering Department. This team got what it takes to be a champion. Why? Man they've got the right combination of players. On the center is a 6'4 guy as compared to ours which is only 5'11. The 6'4 guy, once he raise his hand he's as tall as the board. Imagine that! a little jump and he could dunk the ring already. Plus they have 3 reserve rebounder who can really outmatch our rebound. Then there is this 1 good point guard who can really deliver the ball, set the play, shoot and a killer in the court.

To give you a summary of their setup here is the statistics. A center with a height of 6'4, 3 reserve rebounder who are as strong as our …


Alien!!!! raise the roof...Finally I have manually completed the 631 records that was lost/double/duplicate due to previous conversion. I have made a lot of mistakes during the previous process and pay the price.

The 631 records does not include multiple records that range from 2 to 8 customer problems that would appear once you scan the account number.

Im back with software development particularly the database structure which is the most boring and quite difficult if you won't push your neurons into working mode.

Time to hit the taxes and adjustment of reports due to VAT. I just hope I can make it before december since im running out of reasons. Reasons to justify the delay...cough cough cough

Car vs Boat vs Bike

Paul Domag Rocks ths MSDN

I love this game!!!

We had an opening basketball tournament here in CELCOR last saturday november 19,2005.
During the opening game we had trouble with the uniform since it was not finish yet.

During the parade where we just walk around the compound we didn't wear our uniform since it was not completed. To make things worse it was also our first game.

Fortunately at around 9:30 am at the middle of the opening speach our uniform finally came in. Thank God. In fairness we had the most cool uniform.

Im lucky enough to have the uniform for free. Nothing beats free stuff ei....hehehe

Here are some shots....

ayan isip isip hehehe....

ayan masaya pa kami kasi first quarter pa!!! hehehecoach mukhang seryoso ka na ha...iba na ata ang takbo ng laro!!!
Dennis wag ka ng parin kami ni otep kahit talo hahahaha...I think we have more games to come. We just hope that we can make 1 win hehehe.

Bohol Pictures

Here are some pictures when I was in bohol together with my family and cousins...

Fairy god mother and airplane

My vacation was a blast!!! it was one of the best ever...

Before I will share to you my experience I would like to talk to you about fairy god mothers. Yup these things exist in a real world. And I mean it. Who says fairy tales never happen in the real world?

If you ever read the story of Cinderella one of the greatest things happend to her was her fairy god mother gave to her everything she needs in order to be happy.

Fairy god mothers are real people who are instruments that will connect in your life and make your dreams happen. You name it and you'll get it for free. All they ask is your presence to experience the magic.

In my life I have two fairies. One is not my relative but a family friend and the other is my mothers sister. Just imagine shoping to a mall and buy everything you wan't! and I mean everything.

We tour around cebu and almost every major mall's out there. From ayala, sm and robinsons. Then we visited bohol it was a very awesome tour and educational. From visi…

Cebu Vacation

On november 3 until 6 ill have my break and visit cebu particularly bohol. Thank God for the break. That means no computer, no mails and no programs just pure excitement and fun. Can't wait for this day....For the mean time I need directions for the person whole holds my ticket.

Where the heck is Mendiola and where is the right station to stop? Does it have to be as difficult as this one?

Life indeed for me is always like hide and seek.

Exploding my anger

Saturday, October 29, 2005: The day I unleash the bomb.

Last saturday was no different day for me as I continue my work. I was even on a moderate mood that time while I was working on my GUI since I just can't help but felt tired of those database structure and logic. You know the usual tips to get the nerves pumping and continue to maintain the momentum.

One guy visited me in my cubicle and complain in a normal way, informing me that some customers did not appear in his computer while using my program. Of course that normal and definitely not a way to trigger my temper and busrt into anger since thats my job and it is considerd as normal challenge. Definetly not a reason not rant about.

So I fix it! I realize that I did not execute the convertion last wednesday night. I guess I was so tired.

Then another call came up after 10 minuets. It was from the other department CCD(Corporate Communication Department) they told me they have some problems.

So I get there and check. The program won…

The Journey To Live Longer


3 days of wondering how am I get find my passion back!

Ok there's .net that im working at but that's not supposed to be my focus but rather I should complete what I started and focus focus focus or else...

And thats what I did for the last 3 days. I focus my attention in GUI mode since its the only part of the system that make things super exciting. You hear it right new features and design comming up.

So what can you say? here are the things that I did on this new sleek design.

1. Memory leak fix. VC++ is responsible in changing the objects in xp mode. Though some are pictures but specially the backgroud but most objects such as textbox, combobox, listview and more are not pictures to fool users.

Thank God I have office 2003 to work on the graphics.

I know most of you crave for more so here they are:

Tool bar in action!

Menu bar in action! one thing I fix about this is the highlight. It has a mouse hover now. No need to write anoter code's for the menu just to close the highlight…

.Net Fever

.Net change my life! Holy smoke!

After I decided to take my time and taste the dark side of .net it's simply the best. The difference between before and today will change in terms of investment. Its because im using icsharp for development.

After working on some samples and getting used to with object oriendted style I find it very cool and interesting though quite complicated but im young and open minded so i can pull this up.

here are some shots:

Once the program runs here are the options.

some sample works that I did...

Resistance to .net framework is like resisting to drive and own a ferrari. Im so excited with what i can do soon.

Thougths about change

Innovation has always been bugging my head. Wondering what path should I take since my long bread and butter language is getting phase out and I don't want to be left behind and begin to end like those old junkee developers who end up having a big question mark at the top of their head when new innovation is being presented to them.

I remember those old days when I was hesitant to adopt change and think that old assembly or a turbo pascal with cool graphical interface would be enough to deliver results. Then I go back and reflect on the things that I decided to do such as eating my whole pride and adopting change.

I begin to realize that "hey I still have a long way to learn things!" then while reading some interesting bogs, one quote that seems to be the exact eye jerker that would open my mind and it goes something like this: "Change is not death. Resistance to change is death"

So I decided to think about this and proceed the adoptation as soon as possible. Aft…

Notebook+Pen=Real Answers

Lately, after completing the meter department I was expecting to comeout smoothly in finishing the remaining 3 departments particularly billing, auditing and teller since I completed it long before I had my second round trip analysis of the 8 departments that was left.

Due to some underestimation and reinventing the wheel that I prioritize way back while im developing the billing module, I have face a dead end. It feels so impossible to solve the problem and I felt like I was carrying a bigger cross. It really made me hate the world including my work.

After buying 1 DVD - Final Fantasy VII and 2 notebooks(which by the way I never thought that I would appreciate notebooks not until today.) with a brand of cattleya and sterling. I felt so relive and began to enjoy writing system flows without using objects such as the flowcharts(since I really hate them since the begginning).

I hate them because no matter how good you are in drawing those objects and try harder on making them accurate and …

Bill Gates College Tour

Check this out:

If theres one thing Bill Gates keep on telling people world wide about computer science or working as a software developer I believe its ganna be the excitement on how IT particularly software developers change people live and work.

As a developer I can tell that he is absolutely right. In my experience in CELCOR I have realize that power. Imagine changing the business structure of a certain middle size comapny who monopilize a certain region in your country. How powerfull is that? the thing is you can never change a certain structure inside the company without approval of a higher officer. And we are talking about chief executives in here.

Talking to executives, changing your users expereince and transaction in order to achieve easeness, creating realtionship with employees and executives and building software innovation that will guarantee business solution. Man its awesome.

I guess I just have to wor…

Sexiest geek voice

I stumble to this blog and I downloaded her podcast and man she has a combination of both sexy, semart and humor. Here her podcast voice at

The Finale

Ball games energize my body and mind. It really takes away stress and im doing it every wednessday with the help of some employees in here who are passionate with basketball.

Yesterday, was very exciting since its game time again. Along the way as we fetch some of them in their house they where talking about PBA(Philippine Basketball Association) and me as a far out guy who live in his life without TV acted more like a cave man(do nothing but listen and shut up.)

We had this new OJT inside the MIS department, he was lucky to be approve by the COO(Chief Operation Manager) since this department never really accepts OJT because there nothing you do much in here since everything is confidential and there are only a few people who can really develop software in this place despite the fact that there are a lot of IT schools.

And since this guy has nothing to do but sit besides me and stare most of his time on the things I work. I felt really uncomfortable. I mean how would you think if there&#…


Happy bithday microsoft...

Check out the cool tour of its history->

Reflection of the game

Playing games is very much similiar to running your business. Yesterday, was a great game I had 3 straight games non-stop though I was a bad shooter I was analyzing how the game was played. In the first game I was team up with older people more like on their 30's or 40's vs younger ones which is on their 15 and 16.

I was expecting that we will loose the game since the young ones can really play well considering that they had more practice plus one member who can really dunk the ring with two hands. Then the rest can run endlessly or jump as high as a chicken.

However, we beat them. One of the factors that I realize that we beat them was defenese and we had lesser mistakes. Yes most of my team can't run as energetic as those guys but we where so accurate. The lessons I learned was though my team mates are old but their defense are equip and strict. Even the offense was accurate to the point that mistakes are not allowed.

I began to analyze things. Young ones are risk taker. As…

2 days vs 2 weeks

Wow I can't believe that I finsih all the consumptiom history in just two days as compared to my previous conversion which took me 2 weeks. I think that slicing the tables was indeed the right choice I made not only the speed of converting database from foxpro to sql made a difference but the same as true when querrying information from my system.

What I did was I use two computes to finish the job well. In my previous database it would be quite difficult but possible since I only had 1 table. By having multiple tables I realize a lot of things most especially when errors occur during conversion. One is when my converter generates a connection timeout error(due to some network connection problem) I can easily truncate all the specific table and start all over again witout worrying too much about how am I script it to remove all those records without affecting records that are not included in a certain district.

This time the path is breeze, smooth and ease. Wish me luck that I may c…

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

When I read about Steve Job's commencement address in Stanford University last july 2005 one of the last words he shared with those students was "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."

I never thought that when he said "Stay hungry. Stay foolish" he really means it literally.

One of the greatest strength that I realize as a developer was you should get hungry by eating enough. If you can survive eating breakfast, lunch or dinner without rice and meat you will gain more focus on your work however, this kind of sacrifice must be done once or twice a week for it will loose your weight drastically.

One of the disadvatage when your eating delicious food and you tend to fill your tummy is you get dizzy after eating and when you are in front of your computer and start to type those keys nothing comes to your head except one and that is "SLEEP." It really feels like harry potter is puting some magic spell on you to get some sleep.

Eat light and stay hungry it gives you focu…

Slicing the database to pieces

Just this morning was the usual busy day for me as I try to demonstrate the system over and over again. One module that caught my attention was the consumption history of the user. It is a list of their electricity consumption.

As I demonstrate my program one thing that caught my attention was the speed of foxpro to display the results. Faster than my super power sql server. Then I begin to wonder couldn't it be that the hundred thousand microsoft sql server was out perform by a free foxpro database files?

Its ridiculous! impossible!

Then I begin to realize that the structure of my database was indeed a big mistake. I over load the power of sql server by making it one chuck of table where records from district 1 to 17 are all rolled to one table. It may seem nice since worrying about maintenance was quite a piece of cake but then when I began to start the slicing and uploading some records a lot of ideas suddenly comes into my mind.

I realize that indeed it will be faster. Imagine if …

Office 2003 Service Pack 2

The 10 Commnadments for managers

Abstract Rotation

I remember remeber when I was in my third year college when I had this insane teacher name richard base aka wildfire, during our first meeting this guy speak words that are love to hear by most students including me hehehe. He seems to convince most students that IT is so cool and those students who are enrolled at it is the best students that our almamater could ever had. Hmmm sounds like Bill Gates to me hehehe.

During that time when most teachers had this terrifying introduction about computer science things like "only a few of you will survive and better shift now or pay the consequence of your action!" this guy seems to do it in a different way. Ok he's nice as what you might say however, the dark phase of this most students lies at the middle of the class where you have entered the point of no return its either to fail or to pass.

So one day when most of us would crave for his subjects since he talks so cool and interesting the time has come when he have to unleash h…

The Power of Networker

I know my bloggs is all about technology and you might have this thought that the term networker is equal to computer networks. Sorry guys but It's not!

This time im talking about your personal networks. And I mean people. One of the best networker of all time is Keith Ferrazzi. Check this out: The 10 Secrets of a Master Networker

It's Game Time

Yesterday evening at around 7pm we had a basketball game in the place they called "Acropolis" its really a nice place. I beleive only the rich can afford a house there because of its class A type of subdivision. I had seen a number of house where no one lives there maybe its a place for vacation who knows and who cares...

Our reserve time was from 6pm to 8pm and due to some "pasundo" people where we have to fetch them in their house plus the traffic jam the one hour time was totally wasted. Lucky for me I don't have to pay the bill. Poor guys it cost them P450(1$=P56) for the two hours. That's what you get when you don't plan before executing something.

We had 3 games in one hour and it was fun. I did not waste the time so I played all the three games and im proud to announce I never loose hahahaha. Talk about the cool fiber glass and a very cool floor. I think they put some kind of a rubber inside of it because it was not slippery as compared to other gy…

Changing the world through innovation

For the past week it was a hell work here and there. Non stop consultation with all those users and bam just one day I realize 4 modules are up and running. Thank God! Hurray for I have completed the 1% task that I should complete.

And now as I approch the final level I think it's ganna be hell for me. So how complicated is this mission impossible that im working at. Here is a brief description:

1. It's a one man one company challenge.
2. It has 9 departments and 1 separate branch with a 1 km distance apart from the main company.
3. The final stage is totaly insane because imagine this: you have 8 more departments left but if you want to complete this department it must be run simultaneously. Only a small amount of error should take place or else you'll be messing up with an electric company bill's.
4. My deadline is this comming december.

The hardest part of this challenge is running them all together at the same time its because I wonder how would I be able to supervise th…

Microsoft Developer Conference September 2005

NerdTV: Featuring Andy Hertzfeld

Here is the link:

I would like to share to you one of my favorite talks they had, here it is:

Andy: Yeah. Steve came over to my house shortly after it aired in 1996. I asked him what he thought of the documentary. He said he thought it was really good, but when he watched it on TV he thought his comment about Bill Gates having no taste might have been a little too harsh. So he called Bill Gates to apologize.

I don't know how you call Bill Gates, but if you are Steve Jobs you get right through. He said, "Bill I'm calling to apologize. I saw the documentary and I said that you had no taste. Well I shouldn't have said that publicly. It's true, but I shouldn't have said it publicly."

And Bill Gates replied, "I'm glad you called to apologize, Steve, because I thought that was really an inappropriate thing to say."

Steve couldn't help himself, he said, "You know it's true, it's tr…

User's Stupidity

Yes I know that most user's are idiot and it's my job as a developer to create something like an idiot proof but does it have to include their stupidity in avoiding my system since they demand for a memo? Darn it! I beleive that these type of employees are more than idiot, deeper than idiot i guess.

Mentally retarded I guess is the right word?

Ok temper temper dude it's just that sometimes users are so "pa presyo" or shall I say stubborn employee. Do I have to bring an AGM(Assistant to the General Manager) or report them to the CFO(Chief Financial Officer) just for them to obey orders which by the fact is my responsiblity.

Sometimes I just can't please all of them and that's what make mad and I mean mad like hell.

There's one very good thing that I realize whenever I am mad. Most of the time if they are so idiot enough not to follow orders(orders like just use the freaking system to determine your problems and needs) all I do is walk-out of them go back …

User's Hell

The big event happend last saturday when I told myself that I must complete 2 departments. For almost a month now im always stuck whenever I presented a module to the user. One of their greates big deal complain was it's too slow. They are not talking about the speed of the system as it does the processe but rather the functionality of the module they use.

What about functionality?

The thing about this functionality as I tried to understand this hell users is they would prefer keybord keys rather than the mouse to make their task quite faster as compared to mouse. Even if I always tried to tell them that at the right time it will come but still they are hesitant to use it. I guess they where so used to with keyboard .

When it comes to keyboard keypressed keys like ctrl+A, ctrl+B, ctrl+C and so on is not enough most especialy when combining forms with objects such as tabs because sometimes this users felt that it acts the same except that your using a keyboards instead of mouse.

After …

Microsoft Business Sumit Video

Great quality video...Learn from the masters watch and learn

The Nano Movie

Steve Jobs deliver a hot new ipod called nano. watch it here :


Alien! finally after deleting all the records and resotring new data everything is complete. My laptop run for almost 2 weeks non-stop.

While my laptop was converting data I decided to buy another 6 movie collection of Keanu Reevs. Matirx 1,2,3, Constantine, The Devils Advocate and Animatrix all roled into one DVD. Right now I have 2 6 movie collection. Will Smith and Keanu Reevs. Im looking for one more and I prefer the movie Lord of the Rings. I don't know what will be the combination of another 6.

Tech Talk

While my computer converts those data I still managed to program some modules and so far I finish 2 departments property department and CCD(Customer Communication Department). In my previous blog I have shown you the property modules and today will be the CCD modules.

Here are the 3 modules that I accomplish:

iBot - a highly sophisticated server manager that handles packets of job order and assign it to corresponding users. Wired eh? hehehe here is the screen shots.

This is the pi…

Lucio Tan forks the bid

A MERGER of two banks controlled by tobacco tycoon Lucio Tan looms large after his group completed Friday the purchase of P8.14 billion worth of shares in Philippine National Bank (PNB) and brought his stake in the bank to 77 percent.

here is the link:

Some thoughts from the movie hitch

Lately, im stuck with the database conversion and thats the reason why im not blogging since our network is separated from the internet to avoid risk that we might be able to face in the near future but perhaps someday I will take that bold move and show them the way.

Three times I truncate the whole database because of the stupid .cdx file. There was one major database file name smmetmas.d99 that I forgot to include the .cdx file which resulted to double or even tripple names on my database. Its very critical since it would create confusion to its profile as the user search for its name.

I watch the hitch again for the 2nd time and here are some thoughts that again stuck in my mind.

"Any man has a 60 percent chance of sweeping any women. He just needs the right broom."

"8 out of 10 women believe that the first kiss will tell them everything they need to know about the relationship."

and this is my favorite part...

"Never lie, steal, cheat or drink. But if you must…

Submenu 2

Yahoooo I just finish the submenu for the accessories and its resizing capabilities. Im glad I proceed with the truncation of the database so I can focus more on the GUI(Graphical User Interface) of my system.

Here are some shots:

In this picture, the user level is under administrator mode. Which means all the detailed departments and most of its tools and utilities in maintaining the data is up and running. Allowing the user to have full control of the system.

While building this module one of the most difficult part was customizing the size and arrangement of the icons. Example if the user's security level is only under meter department the menu should show only the corresponding set of options in order to avoid forbidden access.

It may look simplier as I observe the functionalites of windows but once I implement it, it was totally difficult.

Here is what I mean:

This picture shows you the log off design.

Once logoff you will return immediately to the security module.

In this module I …

New Layout

I just change my layout because there was a problem with my previous template. I lost half of my blog links and this time I lost everything. Grrrr I still have some of them left in my rss bandit. Im too lazy to work on this perhaps soon.


As I move my project development to another phase yet another bigger problem hit me. "Double Names" suddenly appear into the list of search. After I carefully analyze things I have realize that two of my functions created the problem. I had this one module capable of converting and analyzing things from foxpro to sql server. Two buttons has a syntax where once records are not found it will execute an insert statement to the new application table. One mistake that i had which resulted to this scenario was I did not include the .cdx file of every database I copied from foxpro. Without the .cdx file(which is responsible for the index of the database in foxpro) the program won't be able to find and match the specific target thus creating a major problem which is double name.

Finally I decided to perform mission truncate to completely wipe out all the data in sql server except for the setup module.

As I walk to the mall, one stall had survive the raid of the pirates since the m…

Tycoon moves

In a country where everything seems to be ugly, dark and empty the top 2 tycoons Lucio Tan and Henry Sy showed beauty, light and optimism.

Lucio Tan seen matching top bid for PNB some powerful quotes by his lieutenant: "What's 77 centavos?" commented a former PNB official and ranking Lucio Tan lieutenant after the bids were unsealed. "We will definitely match that bid very soon."

Henry Sy hikes stake in San Miguel to 11%

Some quotes: "SM's increased investment in San Miguel is a testament to its growing optimism on the latter's long-term potential," SM corporate information officer Jose Sio said in a statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Two different tycoon with one mission. To uplift Philippines.

SQl Server Food For Thought

Two things occur to me yesterday that will change my administrative skills in maintaining our server. It's all about power interuption. Here's what happen:

At around 8:10am there was a power interuption. I was confident with our sql server in handling bakup transaction even though there was one module who keeps on updating customers arrears(Utang, unpaid bills). Due to the massive amount of power consumption by our server and network switch the UPS last for just a minute. One thing I did not realize was SQL server memory was set to full power for querrying and login purposes. The result was a major drawback since sql server did not have enough capabilities to backup things well. As soon as the power was up my database morph into suspect mode. I read a lot articles of how to restore it but sadly I never did. The Good part was no one started to encode something on it and I had backups all i did was restore the latest backup and it was up and running. I have learned my lesson and …