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Google Factory Tour

The Reason For This Game

Everything has a reason as they usually say. And it is also true in my case.

Basketball has been my sports since elementary until at present. Im not ranting in here because we lost again for the second time but rather giving you a reflection of what I have learned.

Last night was our second game. This time our competitor was the Engineering Department. This team got what it takes to be a champion. Why? Man they've got the right combination of players. On the center is a 6'4 guy as compared to ours which is only 5'11. The 6'4 guy, once he raise his hand he's as tall as the board. Imagine that! a little jump and he could dunk the ring already. Plus they have 3 reserve rebounder who can really outmatch our rebound. Then there is this 1 good point guard who can really deliver the ball, set the play, shoot and a killer in the court.

To give you a summary of their setup here is the statistics. A center with a height of 6'4, 3 reserve rebounder who are as strong as our …


Alien!!!! raise the roof...Finally I have manually completed the 631 records that was lost/double/duplicate due to previous conversion. I have made a lot of mistakes during the previous process and pay the price.

The 631 records does not include multiple records that range from 2 to 8 customer problems that would appear once you scan the account number.

Im back with software development particularly the database structure which is the most boring and quite difficult if you won't push your neurons into working mode.

Time to hit the taxes and adjustment of reports due to VAT. I just hope I can make it before december since im running out of reasons. Reasons to justify the delay...cough cough cough

Car vs Boat vs Bike

Paul Domag Rocks ths MSDN

I love this game!!!

We had an opening basketball tournament here in CELCOR last saturday november 19,2005.
During the opening game we had trouble with the uniform since it was not finish yet.

During the parade where we just walk around the compound we didn't wear our uniform since it was not completed. To make things worse it was also our first game.

Fortunately at around 9:30 am at the middle of the opening speach our uniform finally came in. Thank God. In fairness we had the most cool uniform.

Im lucky enough to have the uniform for free. Nothing beats free stuff ei....hehehe

Here are some shots....

ayan isip isip hehehe....

ayan masaya pa kami kasi first quarter pa!!! hehehecoach mukhang seryoso ka na ha...iba na ata ang takbo ng laro!!!
Dennis wag ka ng parin kami ni otep kahit talo hahahaha...I think we have more games to come. We just hope that we can make 1 win hehehe.

Bohol Pictures

Here are some pictures when I was in bohol together with my family and cousins...

Fairy god mother and airplane

My vacation was a blast!!! it was one of the best ever...

Before I will share to you my experience I would like to talk to you about fairy god mothers. Yup these things exist in a real world. And I mean it. Who says fairy tales never happen in the real world?

If you ever read the story of Cinderella one of the greatest things happend to her was her fairy god mother gave to her everything she needs in order to be happy.

Fairy god mothers are real people who are instruments that will connect in your life and make your dreams happen. You name it and you'll get it for free. All they ask is your presence to experience the magic.

In my life I have two fairies. One is not my relative but a family friend and the other is my mothers sister. Just imagine shoping to a mall and buy everything you wan't! and I mean everything.

We tour around cebu and almost every major mall's out there. From ayala, sm and robinsons. Then we visited bohol it was a very awesome tour and educational. From visi…

Cebu Vacation

On november 3 until 6 ill have my break and visit cebu particularly bohol. Thank God for the break. That means no computer, no mails and no programs just pure excitement and fun. Can't wait for this day....For the mean time I need directions for the person whole holds my ticket.

Where the heck is Mendiola and where is the right station to stop? Does it have to be as difficult as this one?

Life indeed for me is always like hide and seek.