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Microsoft in China

This is a little bit late but I think it is worth discussing in this blogg of mine. Last April 19, 2007 Bill Gates and Craig Mundie held their Microsoft Government Leaders Forum in Beijing.

It was very interesting because it talks about poverty as compared to the usual tech talk that Microsoft usually held. Professor Muhammad Yunus, Founder - Grameen Bank, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, was their special guest.

Professor Muhammad Yunus talks about technology that could reach poor people and a business that welcomes all types of people even without collateral except for the word trust.

One form of business that he introduced is called Social Business. It is a business that is none gloss, none dividend, a social business and its not making money. Its objective is to help the poor people.

Social business is different to charity because in social business when you lend some money it will be reused over and over and again while in charity your money will be gone. The purpose of social busine…

Bukidnon Part 2

It was a hot summer for the month of April and mom keeps on complaining about how hot the world is and frequently she is being attack by her asthma because of the warm whether. She always craves about how nice it was when we were in bukidnon.Fortunately, my dad has an employee who owns a house there and was in search for a buyer. He asked the guy if we could stay there for just one night to check out the place, and he got an approval. And so the adventure starts…
Bahay ni Makoy hehehe…

From there we visit Fr. Francos place. He was an Italian guy and my oh my his place is awesome too...

Fr. Franco and his dog

Marlboro Philippines…

I just hope you like it…:D

Philippine Eagle

It seems to me that I beginning to enjoy taking pictures just everywhere I go. It really feels good to have those memorable pictures and share it to the world. One of my favorite adventures is in the Philippine Eagle together with my baby Nonna. It was the very first time she went home in the Philippines for two years stay in the US. Since the day she start studying in Davao she had never got the chance to visit Philippine Eagle. At first I thought it was a joke but she was really serious about it hehehe. (I think my baby was sexy in here...)

I decided to make it our first date last December 31, 2006. I never thought she would like it but she really did.

The real fun part was when we got lost going to Philippine Eagle. I was the driver that time but I guess I enjoyed driving a lot that we went as far as Marilog which is an hour drive to our exact location. What can I do? I felt I was driving a Porsche hehehe.

If I continue driving that …

Holy Week

I had a very memorable vacation when I was in davao during the holy week. I had nothing much to say right now. Just enjoy the pictures...This place was taken in Seagul in the Sky particularly in Buda(Boundary of Bukidnon and Davao).

more pictures on my photo album. Click here: Seagul in the Sky