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I just need this for reference in the future...

Check this out: Exploring Micro-ISVs

Homosexuality: The Power Within

I just can't help but laugh my way as I write this blog. I could never really imagine in my whole life that I would come into this point where I would think about gay's hahaha.

Before you start you imagine things that are way too far out I would like to make things clear here that I'm referring to gay's that are good in badminton.

I could never imagine that their flexibility, grace and power is simply perfect for this game.

Yesterday, I had the chance to play with them together with some buddy who was a teacher in NEUST(Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology). We did manage to get some points and rally until we reach the score of 5 points. Everything changes when our opponent's momentum start’s to fire up. Their grace that allows them to make short shot inside the court leaves me nothing but a back-to-back diving inside the court. I'm talking about kissing the floor.

Then they have this ultimate power smash that once they hit it in just a split of a secon…

Moving On...

I felt my life seems miserable the day my notebook crushed. Not that I was so desperate in life but I guess I just miss my daily routine during mornings like checking some mails, reading some news and of course blogging some cool stuff.

Day after day a lot of things instantly pop into my mind that leads into something unpleasant, It's called: "The fear factor." I fear that I may get outdated, I fear that I will no longer be able to watch my favorite webcast, I fear that I may not be able to complete my project, I fear that sooner or later I will become dumb and dumber...etc. etc. etc.

But as soon as I told myself to stop and really think about it and begin to ask myself "don't you think you have alternatives?" I don't have to mourn forever and blame destiny for the death of my notebook. I just have to be flexible and go back to the basics.

For the first time I decided to blog things out using pen and paper just like the old school days and my oh my I find …

Notebook Crushed!

Today, is the worse day of my life. Late last night, I was working on my project then I decided to check some mails, news, the usual surfing the world. Then I finally decided to check some videos in google and found out that I haven't seen the complete video of google factory tour. Since it's a frikking 5hrs video I decided to run it on my notebook 24 hrs so that on morning I could watch on it.

I was very much excited during that time since I just jack-up all those wiring and finally boost my internet connection. What I did was I disconnect all the wires except mine and man it was like heaven. The speed rocks a lot and it seems that there is no stopping on how I surf the world.

As I go to sleep that I night I was very much excited to finally see the whole mystery about it. I just can't remember if I completed the video before because I just can't remember the ending until at present.

Early morning, as I woke up at around 6:30am and immediately I proceed to my office to fi…

Internet Downtime

I just had my worse downtime ever today, imagine living a life without those cool information at your finger tips it was like some kind a hell hehehe but anyway, I was just fortunate because I had a bigger problem to solve that’s why I’m fine. However, things change the moment I got tired and need to relax.

I begin to feel uncomfortable as I ping our internet IP address and there's nothing on your screen but "request timeout" which means no internet connection available. I always have this suspicious against our network administrator doing sabotage around our internet.

The moment I can't stand on it was the moment I decided to jack-up the wirings and remove every single wires that are connected to the router and switch. I decided to leave 1 wire though and it was mine. I unplug all the connected device from modem to switch then plug it again.

After that....behold! It's alive and it's even faster than ever.

One thing that bothered me a lot, the whole company doe…

Today Events That Drive Me Nuts

Just this morning I had the most weird experience in my life that I just can't imagine in my years of stay in this planet called earth. Imagine this: As I walk to get my breakfast at around 8am I was first greeted by my two officemate with a rant that goes like this "mark maitim na braso ko oh tignan mo!" he was actually referring to my Nike Arm Warmer that I bought during our sports fest (the one that Iverson used when he plays), he was actually dying to have it and I just give him a smile. Then as I move on after 3 steps one security guard instantly approach me and said,

Guard: Mark may aarborin sana ako sayo.
Me: huh? ano yun?
Guard: Akin nalang ung sando mo sa basketball.
Me: ha! wala na akong pambahay...etc..etc.

Then I finally arrive at the canteen. While I was eating I began to wonder what the heck just happen? Why on earth that my morning today seems to be so freaking insane? people want's everything I have. What's wrong with them?

Damn! I was like answering …

Silicon Valley

Here are some cool essay by Paul Graham...

Why Startups Condesnse in America

How To Be Silicon Valley

The Hardest Lessons For Startups to Learn

Come what may I would still bet on Davao as one of the best in the east.

Yum Yum

Starting this Saturday afternoon, the company CELCOR will be having a 2 days holiday since Monday independence day. I was thinking of a cool way to make myself happy without leaving my room in the office in order to avoid getting bored just to protect myself from procrastinating.

What I have for you is something you should love. It's my favorite food for the month of June hahaha. Here it is...

It's my one complete meal for breakfast!

Special ube...yummmy!

Long live banana...It came all the way from davao!

Burger buns are my favorite because they are more compact and solid.

My first bite especially for you!

I'm a happy geek!

How They Rule: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

After reading the long bibliography of Steve Jobs I have finally understood how Steve and Bill runs their empire and what make them unique to each other.

Being Steve Jobs is not as easy as it may seem, as I droll over his past one could understand how he have become who he was right now. At an early age he grow up in an orphanage, a place where love seems to be luxury in the eyes of every child. Experiencing this kind of path allows a child to mature faster than those who live in a normal life. They tend to depend on their selves and for them love seems to be just an illusion that was made in order to express the exact word in pampering a little boy.

One of the greatest transitions that Steve Jobs experience was the day he drop everything from college after six months because he got bored and couldn’t see the value on it. The moment he experience the reality of the path he had chosen was the moment he morph into someone not human. Sleeping in every floor of his friend, returning coke bo…

Steve Jobs

The man behind every Mac World, iPod and G5....

Want to know more about Steve Jobs?

check out his personal website: All About Steve Jobs

Dealing with reality

Funny how people immediately defend themselves whenever they are face in a situation where they seem to be weak the moment they feel they are being threaten. Yesterday, I was invited by some friends to play some badminton game it was really fun. Luckily, I was allowed to borrow some racket to one of my friend even if they keep on insisting me to buy a new one. But then as I look at the ambiance of their interest I can tell that shelling out a thousand bucks of pesos in my pocket is not worth since most of them are not consistent in playing.

We did won 1 game out of 5 games hahaha. As we rest and watch some players rock their game on one of my officemate was so amaze that he reacted with words like: "grabe akala mo parang shaq ang kamay kung pumalo bumabalik agad." I did agree with him but on the other hand another officemate reacted in a different way and he said, "bata kasi!" deep inside I was like huh? what about being young? it's not a guarantee on being a gr…


During those college days I happen to have a subject in management. I do like it a lot for it deals with business and people. One of the thing that caught my attention was my teacher told us that once you have promoted into a management level you begin to change your priorities in work. Like instead of the usual work engineering you tend to focus on people and company. Then I ask myself, what if the lowest position is the most vital part of the company and it takes years of extreme dedication and passion to master it then why should we drop it? As years passed by I have realize that position in a certain company is not that important because it's how you deliver and provide great services that separates a good company to a great company.

So what's the key?

As I reflect on things in my own experience I realize that it's the incentive that keeps me going. I keep on asking myself why do I perform better if work on my own project as compared to working on my employers project. A…

Decisions Conference

Steve Balmer talks about the road map of Micrsoft and the direction they are having at present and the future at the same time the guarantee to most of it's investor that Microsoft is here to take the lead no matter what it takes.

A very interesting point that I notice to most CEO are the following:

-Building an empire is not a joke and risk are all over their sides waiting just like most beast however, most of them see light a light of opportunity in every dark corners of their path and man that's something a leader must have. Opportunity in every challenges.

-Looking back on its article one of the major points that Steve Balmer keeps on pointing out was finding a way on making Windows fresh as brand new. From the beginning of windows 3.1 until the up coming Vista man this company made it so big that they have full control on every PC in the world. They just keep on moving and moving. Innovation is always the key to Microsoft survival.

-Most news and articles presents false infor…


This article came late but it's better late than later hahaha. Honestly, its all because of the frustrating internet connection that we encounter during the last week of May that somehow made me feel uncomfortable in squeezing my thoughts about technology and innovation. Over and over again I just couldn't help but thank this guy who always encourage me to write and write everyday, what else can I say he always spark the reason for me to start something in my blog. Thanks Vernon.

Going back to WinHEC, I have just watch it last night and man it was something that we look forward to as soon as Vista hits the market. Beyond Vista there are a lot of interesting things that Bill Gates showed to us during this keynote. One of them was a 19" flat monitor touch screen with all the graphical power built into this PC. And man it was just brilliant to see how rich it was and somehow showed to us how innovative it was. Watching the girl scrolling New York Time's Magazine with a to…