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Reviving a HardDisk

Perhaps, this is the most insane technique that I ever discovered. Have you ever experience powering up your computer and end up having a hard disk failure? Any ordinary person with the deadliest deadline feel the pressure of being break down and just jump into the roof top to end the problem.

In any case, you will be face with the same problem like this your last resort will be...

freeze that hard drive!

Take out that failing hard drive and wrap a static bag around it and throw it in the freezer. It's insane as you are!

Check this out: 200 ways to revive a hard drive

Pricing a Project

One of the great mysteries of developing a project is the price? how does your system cost? and how sure you are that the price is right?

Lingering questions like this will remain most freelancers blind folded as they walk to the forest of unknown.

This link might be a great help for some starters like me: Pricing a Project

Badminton: Semis

Yahoooo. We just past the game and we are now on the semi finals. I never thought that playing badminton is so much fun especially in competition. I have been playing it before but it was just the normal game this time it is a different story. It's like you have to push your self beyond limits and just be the best of what you are.

Today will be the judgement day. If we defeat our competitor then we are in for the finals. I felt nervous and excited.

No matter what the odds is, we will win the championship!

How to motivate your employees

Three key goals of people at work

To maintain the enthusiasm employees bring to their jobs initially, management must understand the three sets of goals that the great majority of workers seek from their work—and then satisfy those goals:

Equity: To be respected and to be treated fairly in areas such as pay, benefits, and job security.

Achievement: To be proud of one's job, accomplishments, and employer.

Camaraderie: To have good, productive relationships with fellow employees.

Here's more: Why Your Employees Are Losing Motivation

Blogging Doctor

Would it be lovely if you don't have to visit the hospital just to look for a doctor and provide you some advises about your health? or give you information about the things that you still don't know? and above all its free!

Check this out: That Health Rules Got it from wilson ng site.

You rock Doc Gerry!

Steve Jobs snubs Wozniak

We sent him the book and he said, "Oh, I saw some excerpts, and I'm going to decline writing the forward." I don't know why because I'm nice to him, so there must have been something he didn't like.


read the interview: 'Woz Way'

Negative Thinking

Are you a victim of this? I can't deny the fact that everyday I experince this problem. It's quite hard because it swallows me little by little.

Thank God I found this site: How to Squash Negative Thought Patterns

It actually made me realize that im not alone and you can do something about it.

iMacs Hoax

Ok, I know some of you might raise your eyebrows while looking at my title. But im not going to talk about intel iMac in here.

It's all about the old power book iMac's.

I could still remember clearly during my college years when we had our COMSCI days and a group of people introduce an apple computer particularly iMac's. It was pretty and cool since they showed us a very colorful iMac.

One of the most striking words that left stuck in my brain was when they mention that iMac's are 80% faster than PC. Plus when Steve Jobs announce Tiger OSX during the MAC World that the G5 is light years away from the pc. All those time I assume he was right, not until today.

I almost worship Macs for being the fastest desktop computer in the planet but i guess it was nothing more but a marketing strategy.

As I came accross this website: Benchmark Smorgasbord I was pretty impress as I look at the benchmarks.

However, as I scrool back and check again the specs what surprises me was the AMD64 …

The big, bad wolf is back...

Microsoft is back fixing its IE vulnerabilities however, with IE lock up and crashing windows.

What if bugs like this happen in an enterprise syetem?

No wonder people won't last on I.T. world.

Check the links: Microsoft Patch Causing Lockups, Crashes

College Years...

I would never forget the day we rock our college years...It's those time that was captured and remain forever in a piece of 1's and 0's that makes innovation the best thing on earth.

Check out some pics:

We just passed our thesis defence and damn I don't know why we immediately proceed to the studio. I guess uts the effect of being too insane.

Hanging out with fellow classmates...

Network Administrator: A Reflection

I have been thinking lately about our network administrator and tried to understand how he thinks. I just can't deny the fact that people like him exist.

As I reminisce I just can't help but confirm that he is the worse IT person that I know so far in my life. Just imagine he play one of the most important role in this company since he controls the security and network access. In an event where he won't share important information we just end up like stupid and him like the very most important person. I still think he's a jerk.

I guess little by little im beggining to see the good, the bad and the ugly side of a corporate world. I did ask about this type of person to my parents and they told me: this is what we call corporate jelousy.

He fears a lot of being just another guy in the room. He want's to be the very most important person and at the same time be present at the most important event in this company. Especially on the things that could change the company'…

Seek And You Shall Find

Today just today, for the record in my whole life I finally solve my ultimate problem that hinders the execution of my system.

What the hell am I talking about?

It's all about the ip address thing that our network administrator is being implemented. I actually blog about it before and even post for help to most forums such as microsoft msdn and philippines version of microsoft forums , pixelcatalyst ourpost and other technical websites that I check when I used google search.

Though this forums provide some help, however none have really gave me the exact answer that im looking for. I don't know why but sometimes a jedi must walk through that path and trust his own skills alone.

Yesterday, I have decided to make sure that today i must solve the missing puzzle or suffer the consequence of not working on my system until i solve it.

And I solve it!!! raise the roof for me! Alien brother!

Here is the answer incase you might be face with the same problem:

Some important client computers i…

Presentation Pointers

If there's one thing that keeps my passion burning its Steve Jobs keynote. The first time I saw it on the net I realize that it is possible to change the world because like them they too are humans only they are more discipline and passionate with their road maps in life and business.

I could still remember clearly my presentation during college days and as I compare it with Steve Jobs hell it was light years behind. But now im learning as I watch them rock the world.

Check out how: How to Wow 'Em Like Steve Jobs

So do you want to sell sugared water all your life or do you want to change the world?

Steve Ballmer: People Ready Business

Ballmer rocks the house by his new webcast in New York.

Check it out Steve Ballmer Introduces the People-Ready Business


My most evil behavior but what else can I do but to overcome this. I could remember a lot of situation where I did nothing but procrastinate and the effects is totally frustrating.

Suddenly, after the effects the "if and only if.." statement suddenly comes very late. Things like: If only I work harder, if only I studied earlier, if only I listen...and so on. The feeling of guilt always comes next. What else can I say "Nasa huli ang pag sisi"

During my stay in Davao one of my friend told me about our friend who is also a software developer that they just made a huge close deal with an out patient hospital. And its a huge cash for the 2 of them. However, the problem exist when their deadline expires and an P800 cash is being deducted everyday.

That's really a very frustrating event. You might loss your interest and the drive to be passionate with your job. Later, I have learn that at the middle of his development he began procrastinanting with other stuff like lear…

How I Work

Do you really want to know how I work? are you really sure? ok if you insist...

The screen on the left has my list of e-mails. On the center screen is usually the specific e-mail I'm reading and responding to. And my browser is on the right-hand screen. This setup gives me the ability to glance and see what new has come in while I'm working on something, and to bring up a link that's related to an e-mail and look at it while the e-mail is still in front of me.

Don't you think this is brilliant?...I want a 3 flat monitor too!!! I wonder if I will ever have 50,000 employees.

Check the links out How I Work: Bill Gates

Apple's new "Boot Camp"

Apple just unveiled a new installation software device that allows mac computers to boot microsoft windows. With this users could then switch between two operating system.

Good luck micrsofot cause Steve Jobs is comming to get you.

Check this link out Apple Unveils Software to Run Windows XP