iMacs Hoax

Ok, I know some of you might raise your eyebrows while looking at my title. But im not going to talk about intel iMac in here.

It's all about the old power book iMac's.

I could still remember clearly during my college years when we had our COMSCI days and a group of people introduce an apple computer particularly iMac's. It was pretty and cool since they showed us a very colorful iMac.

One of the most striking words that left stuck in my brain was when they mention that iMac's are 80% faster than PC. Plus when Steve Jobs announce Tiger OSX during the MAC World that the G5 is light years away from the pc. All those time I assume he was right, not until today.

I almost worship Macs for being the fastest desktop computer in the planet but i guess it was nothing more but a marketing strategy.

As I came accross this website: Benchmark Smorgasbord I was pretty impress as I look at the benchmarks.

However, as I scrool back and check again the specs what surprises me was the AMD64 3000+. I was expecting a battle of the iMac but I was wrong.

Dead wrong!

As I observe the results AMD64 can out match the iMAC from time to time with its 2.0 ghz processor. And what makes it more interesting is it uses 128M NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT as compared to iMac 256M ATI X800XT, 1G RAM.

As I check the web and found out that GeForce 6600 GT match up with Radeon 9800 pro.

Which means that the 256M ATI X800XT video card is the latest and won't match with the installed video card in amd. Instead they should use the GeForce FX 5900XT.

In my own personal view, if the AMD64 3000+ 128M NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT could sometimes out run an iMac then how much more if it uses GeForce FX 5900XT to match the benchmarks?

Why should I buy an iMac which is very expensive when in fact an AMD 64 can out run it? I can make the most of my extra money on buying somethings that will make it even better.

It is so amazing how Steve Jobs walks to the stage in front of a thousand people and deliver a keynote that will simply make you buy their product.


TeenyBopper said…
These are just some fancy technies that are crawling to poison your mind. If you're not smart to look at how these people wrap around you, you perhaps being lured to their wilderness.. nyahahahhaa.. yeah.. buy on something worth above all.. it still boils down on shelling out money in eating their powerhouse technologies.
maks said…
hahaha but sometimes you just can't help but being lured by their outstanding design.

Take for example when I visited columbia in davao. I saw HP and damn in exceeds all the pc in terms of looks and design. Then as I went back here and analyze i bigger question remains to be unanswered...will it run windows vista ultimate? hahaha
TeenyBopper said…
Yeah.. you should consider that one also.... if you're being lured or what .. hmmm take a moment for a while.. look at the ceiling if you think Angel Gabriel will come out from heaven.. and If that sign exists then grab that thingie on you without any questions in mind ... bahahahha *infected na ako sa pagka weird mo MARK* hehehe

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