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Talking things over

To those of you who are clueless right now im back in davao. I arrived in here last march 24 just to celebrate my sister's graduation and my parents 28th weding anniversary. I must admit that I was thinking of not going home in order to save some cash but then again I decided to go back because if were to choose money over stress I would rather spend money rather than die early due to stroke.

One event that remain to be seen was my first ever client Assumption College of Davao. Last January we had an arguement that leads into a disappointing event.

Somehow, I felt like quitting this client but on the other side I felt very much sad because after all the hard work that I have done for the past years just to build their system in a nick of time everything went gone. I decided to move on somehow.

Over the past months little did I know that they were looking for me. Thru text or calls but what they did not know I had 2 sim cards. I did not mind them and almost forget about them for 3 mo…

Why oh why?

Lately I have been wondering a lot of times about this latest buzz that excites most geeks not unless you live in a cave world. Im talking about microsoft latest coolest OS that will come out early this year.

Windows Vista.

I have only one question about this thing. Why is Vista better than XP?

If you ask me well I just love converting their GUI and patterns in software development and bring it on in the industry. How ironic.

The next latest buzz is an application capable of taking out IBM services. It's an innovative product with everything nice just like power pop girls.

Office 2007

Why will Office 2007 make my work-life better?

Again if you ask me I would still say the same answer. Converting it on my own application.

Just bring the pirates on oh my how evil am I.

Morning Tech Thougths

In my latest post just this morning I was about to agree on what Nicholas Donofrio said about innovation however, things change fast as soon as I check the news in yahoo and click the software category.


Last thursday, Steve Ballmer palns to spend a freaking $500 million business service to persuade enterprises to use its software rather than hire International Business Machines like IBM.

Nicholas Donofrio is from IBM by the way.

So what's up with Microsoft hottest software? Ballmer said the new software allows companies to let their employees perform tasks that they may now be paying IBM's huge services operation to handle.

Again and again Microsoft is playing world domination and even crushing competitors till death.

Just imagine if Microsoft will be successful and their product innovation contains services, process, business models or cultural innovation what is left in IBM?

Take note Nicholas Donofrio said "innovation today is more about services, process, business model…

The 'next big thing' no longer exists

Whhhaatttt the !@#$? who are you to tell me that?

Nicholas Donofrio Big Blue's executive vice president of innovation and technology, made the declaration on Tuesday in an interview with ZDNet Asia.

Here are the key points that we should focus on innovation.

Donofrio added that innovation today is more about services, process, business models or cultural innovation than just product innovation.

Check this link out The 'next big thing' no longer exists

Personal Home Web Server

In case your interested in hosting your domain at home you might be interested on checking this site out personal home web server this will help you learn the necessary tools that you will need as soon as you fire up hosting.

Happy hosting...Ill do it soon.

Steve Jobs Wannabe

Ever dream of becoming like Steve Jobs and have your own keynote?

If you ask me I did dream of it night and day.

Check this link out Steve Jobs Keynote

Nothing but Nike

Wanna know what's hot on Nike? minus the bullish nonesense things that the main nike website keep on poping up? I know your begging right now...

I just found a nike blog.

Nice pictures especially the shoes. This is what im looking for.

Just do it!

Windows Vista a .Net no no

Ehem ehem ehem I wonder why Microsoft latest coolest and greatest OS Widows Vista is not using .Net tools to power up their OS?

Richard Grimes analysis of .net use in longhorn shows microsoft is still using the old win32 thing to power up longhorn/vista. Tsk tsk tsk...

Don't tell me that migration to .Net remains to be questionable because even Microsoft developers are scared to use their tools to fire up their OS and justify to the world that "hey .Net is matured enough to take the challenge of the real world."

Visual Studio 6 is not obselete after all...har har har

What's Next for Bill Gates?

I just found Time Magazine interview with Bill Gates. It was awesome!

In the first interview Bill Gates talks about how microsoft innovate and their secret? hmmm I guess its simply innovating in a very practical and useful way. I guess the lesson is simple
focus on your strength and start innovating on the technology that is available today then tell the world how cool it is. Here is the link,8599,1171641,00.html

On the second interview, I have found out how brilliant this guy is. He allows competitors to bring on the latest tools then they analyze and make it better and compete. That's how simple their game is and yet so hard to do. Here is the second interview,8599,1172105,00.html

Hope you will learn from this article.

Young Entrepreneurs of Tech

Hmmm I have been thinking lately if my path is right or wrong. Questions that remains to be seen in the not so distant future.

Can I actualy build an empire?

It's a very bold move if you ask me. Will my company support my children or childrens children? I still don't know. But the thing that im certain is the fact that when you have your own business you control your destiny. And it's really true. I have seen a lot of friends who have become so happy in their life because of entreprenurship.

Check this site out--> its really pretty cool.

Here's one good thought for the day.

LEARN EVERY DAY. "Starting a business is a wonderful challenge, which may become very rewarding. But also beware of some of the pitfalls of entrepreneurship," he warns. "Failing to plan, taking too much personal income, lack of experience, lack of capital, unrealistic expectations, too much capital going into fixed…

Google Mars

Google has a new stuff to rock after google earth and google moon. This time its google mars its pretty cool...Hope to see more updates of it soon.

VB6 forever!!!

Ever hear of VBFusion? This baby is some kinda a patch that can help you make the most of componets without migrating to! phew now that's what we call innovation!

Thank God I don't have to spend a yet another 3 years to rewrite my code agind just for the sake of .Net.

Long live vb6! awoooo hehehe..

Jo Disini is back!

For the second time around Jo Disini is back with her never ending stories in life. Go kick some stories girl!

Technorati Popular Blogs

Ever dream of having a list of tech bloggs with interesting insights? Check this baby out-->

What do you know im number 1.