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Lucio Tan forks the bid

A MERGER of two banks controlled by tobacco tycoon Lucio Tan looms large after his group completed Friday the purchase of P8.14 billion worth of shares in Philippine National Bank (PNB) and brought his stake in the bank to 77 percent.

here is the link:

Some thoughts from the movie hitch

Lately, im stuck with the database conversion and thats the reason why im not blogging since our network is separated from the internet to avoid risk that we might be able to face in the near future but perhaps someday I will take that bold move and show them the way.

Three times I truncate the whole database because of the stupid .cdx file. There was one major database file name smmetmas.d99 that I forgot to include the .cdx file which resulted to double or even tripple names on my database. Its very critical since it would create confusion to its profile as the user search for its name.

I watch the hitch again for the 2nd time and here are some thoughts that again stuck in my mind.

"Any man has a 60 percent chance of sweeping any women. He just needs the right broom."

"8 out of 10 women believe that the first kiss will tell them everything they need to know about the relationship."

and this is my favorite part...

"Never lie, steal, cheat or drink. But if you must…

Submenu 2

Yahoooo I just finish the submenu for the accessories and its resizing capabilities. Im glad I proceed with the truncation of the database so I can focus more on the GUI(Graphical User Interface) of my system.

Here are some shots:

In this picture, the user level is under administrator mode. Which means all the detailed departments and most of its tools and utilities in maintaining the data is up and running. Allowing the user to have full control of the system.

While building this module one of the most difficult part was customizing the size and arrangement of the icons. Example if the user's security level is only under meter department the menu should show only the corresponding set of options in order to avoid forbidden access.

It may look simplier as I observe the functionalites of windows but once I implement it, it was totally difficult.

Here is what I mean:

This picture shows you the log off design.

Once logoff you will return immediately to the security module.

In this module I …

New Layout

I just change my layout because there was a problem with my previous template. I lost half of my blog links and this time I lost everything. Grrrr I still have some of them left in my rss bandit. Im too lazy to work on this perhaps soon.


As I move my project development to another phase yet another bigger problem hit me. "Double Names" suddenly appear into the list of search. After I carefully analyze things I have realize that two of my functions created the problem. I had this one module capable of converting and analyzing things from foxpro to sql server. Two buttons has a syntax where once records are not found it will execute an insert statement to the new application table. One mistake that i had which resulted to this scenario was I did not include the .cdx file of every database I copied from foxpro. Without the .cdx file(which is responsible for the index of the database in foxpro) the program won't be able to find and match the specific target thus creating a major problem which is double name.

Finally I decided to perform mission truncate to completely wipe out all the data in sql server except for the setup module.

As I walk to the mall, one stall had survive the raid of the pirates since the m…

Tycoon moves

In a country where everything seems to be ugly, dark and empty the top 2 tycoons Lucio Tan and Henry Sy showed beauty, light and optimism.

Lucio Tan seen matching top bid for PNB some powerful quotes by his lieutenant: "What's 77 centavos?" commented a former PNB official and ranking Lucio Tan lieutenant after the bids were unsealed. "We will definitely match that bid very soon."

Henry Sy hikes stake in San Miguel to 11%

Some quotes: "SM's increased investment in San Miguel is a testament to its growing optimism on the latter's long-term potential," SM corporate information officer Jose Sio said in a statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Two different tycoon with one mission. To uplift Philippines.

SQl Server Food For Thought

Two things occur to me yesterday that will change my administrative skills in maintaining our server. It's all about power interuption. Here's what happen:

At around 8:10am there was a power interuption. I was confident with our sql server in handling bakup transaction even though there was one module who keeps on updating customers arrears(Utang, unpaid bills). Due to the massive amount of power consumption by our server and network switch the UPS last for just a minute. One thing I did not realize was SQL server memory was set to full power for querrying and login purposes. The result was a major drawback since sql server did not have enough capabilities to backup things well. As soon as the power was up my database morph into suspect mode. I read a lot articles of how to restore it but sadly I never did. The Good part was no one started to encode something on it and I had backups all i did was restore the latest backup and it was up and running. I have learned my lesson and …

Lessons from a user's prospective

One of the most imporat thing I have learn in software development is: Your application was never completed not unless it was test and used by the user.

What does this mean? as a developer there are times while we develop some module where we thought that it's already complete and ready for deployment. Even if you have some group of beta testers who thinks that its already bug free.

User's knows best. It's the only guarantee that you can tap to your shoulders and say hey its already complete. It's all because most users have been doing their job for almost the rest of their lives and therefore they have the best position in understanding on what is right and not.

And since I have been working on them right now, yet another adjustment on the interface occur. The concept of my system is quite strict since it follows the concept of networking where in the user don't have to encode and encode the things that has been encoded already. The concept of typing over and over ag…

Property Reports

Reports...Reports...Reports. One of the most important aspect in a company. After finishing the structural interface and business rules of property department my next task was the reports.

I tried taking some pictures with their reports but it seems to be blur. I guess I just have to explain it.

Here are some shots to their latest reports:

As I tried to compare their reports one of the most obvious enhancement was the design. Their previous reports is a one liner report as compared to mine which has multiple rows. Notice the red box on the second picture. The number of brook seal and materials is in a form of one to many relationship. I don't know how the previous developer manage it to compress in a one liner report but the thing is the user requested me for a detailed report.

With this design the report can display from 2 to 5 number of brooke seal and materials. Making it more precise and accurate in presenting details. Id rather choose printing an additional paper with complete a…

Nebit is closing???

Whaaat? is this a nightmare or for real? nebit is an internet cafe built by my good old friend vernon a.k.a executor. nebit is one of the best cafe in Davao. It's even called the heaven for all gamers and internet users. One of its greatest and most power device that stuck inside its main board is the video card which is the radeon 98000 pro. It was even imported from the US through his ate in chicago. If you are a gamer addict then your lust for this will absolutely be satisfied.

A cafe without a built-in internet is plain sucker. This cafe has one of the best speed in town straight from PLDT.

Imagine having lots of customers who are so dedicated to wait for even 1 or 2 hours just for the experience. Thats how hot is his business.

So what about the price? I must tell you can't beat it. It's P20($1=56) darn it so cheep and yet so good to be true.

For a reason that he just wan't to keep it on his family in an instant click everything was lost. The real world is one scarry p…

Tech Blog

Lately I have been very lazy with work. It seems to me that I have lost my touch. Im more like out of the mood. I realize that I must learn to break this habit or it will kiss my ass good bye. Argh! so finally after carefully understanding how I must put some solution I decided to blog and blog every module that I work at. In that way it will help the neurons pump more and more. Ill do my best to blog more on my system. For a start here are some shots.

Sizziling hot new looks. I add some minor I icons and solve the puzzle of start popup with the help of Public Declare Function GetActiveWindow Lib "user32" () As Integer api code. This code will help your form act like a popup. More like once you click the start button and click out side the popup module it should close.

Just today i have found a very cool idea to make this boring world of database into something hot. I decided to convert those database into more like windows. What I mean is that I have realize how database stru…

Cleaning up the pirates

Yesterday I decided to take a break. I decided to go to the mall again and bought myslef 3 pairs of socks (since most of my socks got holes its either at the toe or at the ankle part) and 3 pairs of underware(most of my underwares have loosen their garther about two years of wash and wear stuff) never have I realize that i took me some 500 bucks to all six of them. Hope they last for another 2 more years hehehe.

I decided to went up to the 3rd floor since this floor for the movie addict. I was expecting to see some interesting movies and I mean latest ones. To my surprise the escalator going upward did not work instead the opposite one which is going down is working. As I walk up to the stairs I see teenage couples having some sweet talk at every side of the stairs. It's quite weird and it doesn't feel right. I decided to went up to see what's really happening.

Bam! I see nothing. No DVD's and VCD's but a number of 1 or 2 stores that sells imitation thi…

Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do

Lately, I have become week in handling my weaknessess such as loneliness, fear and future. I know that anytime soon if I won't do something I would break and giveup this life(My Jedi life). Though it will make me feel quite happy for a while but somehow I know as time passed by I would seek the way of the Jedi again and blame it to my self why I quit.

As I take a break and update the feeds of my rss bandit my first priority would always be the hot chicks section. These are collection of some women who are intelligent, beautiful, sexy and best of all great writers. Of course this are just my own personal standards hehehe.

Seriously, as I bloghop to their site I found one article that helps me strengthen my faith and passion. Her name is TeacherSol and my title right now came from her site. Click here

After reading her latest article here is the most striking words that she write:

What is the secret ingredient of tough people that enables them to succeed? Why do they survive the tough t…

Stuck with billing

I think I over estimate this challenge. At the third week of july I thought I could complete the billing, property and ccd module since at the last week of the month of july I was at the lst module of beta testing with the property department(the surrender meter module) then when one of my officemate tells me that he needs some reports of what I have done in billing to present it to CFO I was confident that I would just click the button and instantly the results should popout accurately.

To my surprise it was not the way I exepect it to be. There where problems like unequal number of customers, double names and the data integrity is below 80%. I say fuck this code. hahaha. Sorry for that. It's just that im very much frustrated with this project since I have been stuck for quite some time now(3 months to be accurate).

I have been drolling over this time after time until now the machine(computer) has been calculating and analyzing some information to update those database. Despite my …