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I never thought that cartoons like Naruto could help me dream big. It may be just an ordinary anime but it poses a greater impact in our daily life and how should we live by it.

I almost lost my passion but because of this movie I was enlighten on how important dreams are.

Building my dreams is not easy but it's everything to me.


Holy Smokey...I have seen Microsoft pumping their mobile phones to make it as powerful as their OS and I have been craving for Steve Jobs iPhone presentation but I am very much surprise to see what Sun has. It's a Java FX JavaFX Mobile software, a member of the JavaFX product.

Who cares? What's JavaFX?

It's a software product from Sun that allows any consumer electronics manufacturer to accelerate the delivery of Java/Linux based devices, from phones to set tops and dashboards and everything else imaginable. Without fear of format lock-in or disintermediation from a competitor. JavaFX is a product (not simply a technology), built on Java Standard Edition (the Java platform running on your desktop computer), that unites billions of Java SE and Java Micro Edition devices (Java Micro Edition is what runs on most of the world's mobile handsets).

JavaFX provides a complete and fully open source platform for device manufacturers, content owners and service operators wanting to …

The Microsoft CEO Summit 2007

A very interesting event happened this May 15-17 it’s the Microsoft Summit. CEO’s are gathered to discuss how they will shape the future of business and Bill Gates leads the role.

Here are some of the key points that I learned after watching the video.

Every two years Microsoft still managed to double the transistors of mother board to boost the PC.

Internet broadbands are getting accepted more and more on developed countries.

Bill gates divided the concept of digital work style into two categories. Digital work style: basic and empowered. The basic focuses on the standard tools like email and the empowered uses the online video to communicate and improve employees.

Months after Microsoft collaborated with Nextel to provide innovation with communication they have managed to upgrade PBX communications to the PC and the internet power with break through software. The combine power of telecommunication, Microsoft speech recognition and Microsoft outlook was awesome during the presentation. Ho…

Google challenges Viacom lawsuit

Last march of 2007, after some very unproductive negotiations between Google and Viacom, a billion dollar suit was filed against Google because of copyright infringement.

Two months later Google is now challenging the lawsuit with their defense:

"Google shielded itself with the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, legislation passed in 1998 that says Internet firms are not responsible for what Internet users put on websites."

Google asked the judge to immediately deny Viacom's claims and order the New York-based entertainment company to pay Google's legal fees and whatever other damages the court sees fit.

Let's wait and see what will be Viacom's response to this.

WWDC 2007

Apple is pumping its neurons for its next big thing this coming June 11-15 at Moscone West, San Francisco, CA, as it focus on its next generation OS X leopard, reaching out to developers and of course the most awaited iPhone that will hit the mobile world by storm.

One thing I notice in this event, Apple is now focus on attracting more developers to invest their time and effort on their platform. They are now calling for software developers, web developers, scripters, system administrators and IT managers who innovate using Apple technologies.

Mark this on your calendar June 11-15. Watch the webcast.