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Exploding my anger

Saturday, October 29, 2005: The day I unleash the bomb.

Last saturday was no different day for me as I continue my work. I was even on a moderate mood that time while I was working on my GUI since I just can't help but felt tired of those database structure and logic. You know the usual tips to get the nerves pumping and continue to maintain the momentum.

One guy visited me in my cubicle and complain in a normal way, informing me that some customers did not appear in his computer while using my program. Of course that normal and definitely not a way to trigger my temper and busrt into anger since thats my job and it is considerd as normal challenge. Definetly not a reason not rant about.

So I fix it! I realize that I did not execute the convertion last wednesday night. I guess I was so tired.

Then another call came up after 10 minuets. It was from the other department CCD(Corporate Communication Department) they told me they have some problems.

So I get there and check. The program won…

The Journey To Live Longer


3 days of wondering how am I get find my passion back!

Ok there's .net that im working at but that's not supposed to be my focus but rather I should complete what I started and focus focus focus or else...

And thats what I did for the last 3 days. I focus my attention in GUI mode since its the only part of the system that make things super exciting. You hear it right new features and design comming up.

So what can you say? here are the things that I did on this new sleek design.

1. Memory leak fix. VC++ is responsible in changing the objects in xp mode. Though some are pictures but specially the backgroud but most objects such as textbox, combobox, listview and more are not pictures to fool users.

Thank God I have office 2003 to work on the graphics.

I know most of you crave for more so here they are:

Tool bar in action!

Menu bar in action! one thing I fix about this is the highlight. It has a mouse hover now. No need to write anoter code's for the menu just to close the highlight…

.Net Fever

.Net change my life! Holy smoke!

After I decided to take my time and taste the dark side of .net it's simply the best. The difference between before and today will change in terms of investment. Its because im using icsharp for development.

After working on some samples and getting used to with object oriendted style I find it very cool and interesting though quite complicated but im young and open minded so i can pull this up.

here are some shots:

Once the program runs here are the options.

some sample works that I did...

Resistance to .net framework is like resisting to drive and own a ferrari. Im so excited with what i can do soon.

Thougths about change

Innovation has always been bugging my head. Wondering what path should I take since my long bread and butter language is getting phase out and I don't want to be left behind and begin to end like those old junkee developers who end up having a big question mark at the top of their head when new innovation is being presented to them.

I remember those old days when I was hesitant to adopt change and think that old assembly or a turbo pascal with cool graphical interface would be enough to deliver results. Then I go back and reflect on the things that I decided to do such as eating my whole pride and adopting change.

I begin to realize that "hey I still have a long way to learn things!" then while reading some interesting bogs, one quote that seems to be the exact eye jerker that would open my mind and it goes something like this: "Change is not death. Resistance to change is death"

So I decided to think about this and proceed the adoptation as soon as possible. Aft…

Notebook+Pen=Real Answers

Lately, after completing the meter department I was expecting to comeout smoothly in finishing the remaining 3 departments particularly billing, auditing and teller since I completed it long before I had my second round trip analysis of the 8 departments that was left.

Due to some underestimation and reinventing the wheel that I prioritize way back while im developing the billing module, I have face a dead end. It feels so impossible to solve the problem and I felt like I was carrying a bigger cross. It really made me hate the world including my work.

After buying 1 DVD - Final Fantasy VII and 2 notebooks(which by the way I never thought that I would appreciate notebooks not until today.) with a brand of cattleya and sterling. I felt so relive and began to enjoy writing system flows without using objects such as the flowcharts(since I really hate them since the begginning).

I hate them because no matter how good you are in drawing those objects and try harder on making them accurate and …

Bill Gates College Tour

Check this out:

If theres one thing Bill Gates keep on telling people world wide about computer science or working as a software developer I believe its ganna be the excitement on how IT particularly software developers change people live and work.

As a developer I can tell that he is absolutely right. In my experience in CELCOR I have realize that power. Imagine changing the business structure of a certain middle size comapny who monopilize a certain region in your country. How powerfull is that? the thing is you can never change a certain structure inside the company without approval of a higher officer. And we are talking about chief executives in here.

Talking to executives, changing your users expereince and transaction in order to achieve easeness, creating realtionship with employees and executives and building software innovation that will guarantee business solution. Man its awesome.

I guess I just have to wor…

Sexiest geek voice

I stumble to this blog and I downloaded her podcast and man she has a combination of both sexy, semart and humor. Here her podcast voice at

The Finale

Ball games energize my body and mind. It really takes away stress and im doing it every wednessday with the help of some employees in here who are passionate with basketball.

Yesterday, was very exciting since its game time again. Along the way as we fetch some of them in their house they where talking about PBA(Philippine Basketball Association) and me as a far out guy who live in his life without TV acted more like a cave man(do nothing but listen and shut up.)

We had this new OJT inside the MIS department, he was lucky to be approve by the COO(Chief Operation Manager) since this department never really accepts OJT because there nothing you do much in here since everything is confidential and there are only a few people who can really develop software in this place despite the fact that there are a lot of IT schools.

And since this guy has nothing to do but sit besides me and stare most of his time on the things I work. I felt really uncomfortable. I mean how would you think if there&#…


Happy bithday microsoft...

Check out the cool tour of its history->

Reflection of the game

Playing games is very much similiar to running your business. Yesterday, was a great game I had 3 straight games non-stop though I was a bad shooter I was analyzing how the game was played. In the first game I was team up with older people more like on their 30's or 40's vs younger ones which is on their 15 and 16.

I was expecting that we will loose the game since the young ones can really play well considering that they had more practice plus one member who can really dunk the ring with two hands. Then the rest can run endlessly or jump as high as a chicken.

However, we beat them. One of the factors that I realize that we beat them was defenese and we had lesser mistakes. Yes most of my team can't run as energetic as those guys but we where so accurate. The lessons I learned was though my team mates are old but their defense are equip and strict. Even the offense was accurate to the point that mistakes are not allowed.

I began to analyze things. Young ones are risk taker. As…

2 days vs 2 weeks

Wow I can't believe that I finsih all the consumptiom history in just two days as compared to my previous conversion which took me 2 weeks. I think that slicing the tables was indeed the right choice I made not only the speed of converting database from foxpro to sql made a difference but the same as true when querrying information from my system.

What I did was I use two computes to finish the job well. In my previous database it would be quite difficult but possible since I only had 1 table. By having multiple tables I realize a lot of things most especially when errors occur during conversion. One is when my converter generates a connection timeout error(due to some network connection problem) I can easily truncate all the specific table and start all over again witout worrying too much about how am I script it to remove all those records without affecting records that are not included in a certain district.

This time the path is breeze, smooth and ease. Wish me luck that I may c…

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

When I read about Steve Job's commencement address in Stanford University last july 2005 one of the last words he shared with those students was "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."

I never thought that when he said "Stay hungry. Stay foolish" he really means it literally.

One of the greatest strength that I realize as a developer was you should get hungry by eating enough. If you can survive eating breakfast, lunch or dinner without rice and meat you will gain more focus on your work however, this kind of sacrifice must be done once or twice a week for it will loose your weight drastically.

One of the disadvatage when your eating delicious food and you tend to fill your tummy is you get dizzy after eating and when you are in front of your computer and start to type those keys nothing comes to your head except one and that is "SLEEP." It really feels like harry potter is puting some magic spell on you to get some sleep.

Eat light and stay hungry it gives you focu…