Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

When I read about Steve Job's commencement address in Stanford University last july 2005 one of the last words he shared with those students was "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."

I never thought that when he said "Stay hungry. Stay foolish" he really means it literally.

One of the greatest strength that I realize as a developer was you should get hungry by eating enough. If you can survive eating breakfast, lunch or dinner without rice and meat you will gain more focus on your work however, this kind of sacrifice must be done once or twice a week for it will loose your weight drastically.

One of the disadvatage when your eating delicious food and you tend to fill your tummy is you get dizzy after eating and when you are in front of your computer and start to type those keys nothing comes to your head except one and that is "SLEEP." It really feels like harry potter is puting some magic spell on you to get some sleep.

Eat light and stay hungry it gives you focus.

Another weird thing that I observe from computers was had something to do with human aura or energy or magnetic waves I really don't know the exact description but base on my observation when your working with your system everything seems to run fast and normal according to your standard however when the time come someone comes to you and wonder what are you working at? and this person is someone new(and he never saw your system yet) once you click the execute button the program seems to start so long and slow and sometimes unexpected bugs appear knowing that you have run it over and over again.

Strange isn't it? I think the adrenalin rush has something to do with it or i may be just a fool because my mind has been condition that my program really runs this slow I just didn't notice it because I have been facing my computer since 6am.

I guess Steve Jobs really tells us to be really fools.


Anonymous said…
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There is a time for everything,
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