Thougths about change

Innovation has always been bugging my head. Wondering what path should I take since my long bread and butter language is getting phase out and I don't want to be left behind and begin to end like those old junkee developers who end up having a big question mark at the top of their head when new innovation is being presented to them.

I remember those old days when I was hesitant to adopt change and think that old assembly or a turbo pascal with cool graphical interface would be enough to deliver results. Then I go back and reflect on the things that I decided to do such as eating my whole pride and adopting change.

I begin to realize that "hey I still have a long way to learn things!" then while reading some interesting bogs, one quote that seems to be the exact eye jerker that would open my mind and it goes something like this: "Change is not death. Resistance to change is death"

So I decided to think about this and proceed the adoptation as soon as possible. After analyzing things 2 popular language that I want to invest whether its ganna be or J2EE.

My friend paul is already taking the c# path and i think java would fit me.

On my way surfing, and checking out the gui and how cool is this language I have concluded one thing.

It's too yuckkky for me. I don't know why but no matter how hard I try the resistance to adopt this is way beyond my powers. Mybe my old friend vernon was right microsoft blood is inside my blood stream. Corrupting my mind and informing me to hey jerker use microsoft.

I must admit microsoft tools are amazing. One of my fears are what about license? I guess I just have to face the challenge. Sorry J2EE but I would still go for microsoft.

Who knows my mind might change.


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