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Understanding Business

I am beginning to learn how to run a small business and for the past two months I must admit the strength of a leader will be measured by time.

Loneliness, boredom and financial problems are indeed killers for those who dare to run a startup. I am by far have yet to learn the values of focus and discipline but I am determined to adopt them as fast as possible.

Yesterday evening I have learned that most of our online games are dead due to server maintenance at the same time I was bothered with how we should approach the competition of pricing. A lot of our competitors have slash their price to point of negative revenues even my cousin whats a promo to gain more customers. But my uncle would always tell me "NO". It was kinda hard but I realize that we had an edge since most of the online servers are down and most of our competitors wants a break.

I figure out a solution by simply asking most of our new customers what would it take for them to consider us? By anticipating what th…

Working Halfway

For the past couple of weeks my brain is focus on the following list: Feeds, weather, widgets, connecting people and's just too much. Everyday things just got more and more complicated considering that I'm still working on design. The database part is yet to be far from over.

I just hope that when I started working fully with the database architecture I wont get bored and sleepy.

I may be complaining on how things are being complicated but in realty I am very much excited to complete all the task. The cool stuff that I use are very useful in the long run.

I need to keep on going to reach the finish line. More work on this project.

SmartGWT 1.2

I just check the new features of SmartGWT 1.2 and it just blow my mind. From UI features to support to database and to almost everything about ajax its just stunning.

Good luck to this guys and more power.

Read the release: SmartGWT 1.2 release!