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My First Trophy

It’s so funny how I am so desperate to have a trophy considering one can simply buy a hundred set of trophies just to satisfy the erg of having one. But I do believe that the challenge I experience during the event is simply priceless. Experiencing those thrilling moments is something that will live forever inside me. The memories of cheers, smile and lots of fun will always make me ponder and say to myself with a smile “What a journey it was.”

Imagining yourself walking towards that trophy, shaking hands and hearing the crowd clapping their hands, cracking funny jokes “naka dali rin sa wakas… halos araw araw yan nag prapractice…mayaman na ang syquio(badminton gym) sayo!” and chants “Yeah mark!” is something that put me into two consecutive sleepless nights( the night before the event and after the event.) truly, you can feel the magic in the air.

Looking back during my childhood years basketball was always something that I enjoy and love to play. Almost every after school I always play…

DNS: Database Search Updates


It’s been a while since I made an update on this module since I have to deal a lot of things that matter’s most inside the architectural structure of DNS (Digital Nervous System). I have to admit that I almost get bored and lost my interest working on my codes. That's the time when I decided to take a different route and proceed with the searching of database to enhance customer experience and boost user productivity. I realize that working on interfaces do bring back the mood.

For the past years since I started developing systems one of the major questions that I always ask to my boss is: “Why can’t customers have a one stop transaction?” My boss simply replied to me: “That’s just the way it is.”

Whenever you observe at various companies ranging from governments to private sectors critical information that will allow the user to respond to its customers seems to be very difficult and limited. It’s either the user will stand-up and leave his place just to look for answer or use …

Vista, Office and Exchange Launch

Watch Steve Ballmer kicking off the business launch on Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007.

Watch: Business Value Launch Event


This is a little bit late but I still recommend you watch this video because of its wow factor and inspirational view of the future in the next coming years.
Things to take note
-Watch how Microsoft Dynamics deliver richness for better collaboration.
-Watch Bill Gates demonstrates the future of software and hardware.
-Watch how Bill Gates responds to the question and answer forum.

As far as 2006 is concern this keynote is by far the best among them.

Watch: Bill Gates Webcast

DNS: Bills and Conversion

What a hell week for me as I try to meet my deadlines on this coming December but still nothing beats my temper to burst out to most stupid employees who make stupid decision. Sometimes you just want them to burn in hell.Lately, I have been working on a lot of stuff particularly the billing department which involves computation of bills, rover conversion and lots and tons of reports. I just don’t know why I feel dizzy whenever I am working on my database codes in contrast to designing a module. Is it because I am full? Is it boring? Or is it because of the milk that I drink? Funny but when the clock strikes 6pm or 7pm I am very much alive working however, my limits is only up to 11pm since I have to wake up early at around 6am.I could still remember when I had my first project I could go on like forever work late and wake up early and just keep on going and going just like the energizer bunny but now things change and I don’t know why. Perhaps the fire is not there anymore.Here are so…

MS iPod

This is what happens when Microsoft design the iPod...

Watch this: MS Ipod Parody

Opensource Java

Sun has finally open the gates to allow the community to dissect Java for good. With this kind of strategy Sun's momentum has just got main stream as developer’s world wide became more confident than ever before. I don't think this is something to laugh at especially people in Microsoft.

Watch the video: Sun Opens Java

Software as a Service

Software is perhaps the best business opportunity that most geeks can get into it since it doesn’t have to be very expensive and going international simply set’s the difference among other business opportunity. I bet that most entrepreneurs in the field of technology has an ultimate dream of going international and achieve the best deals of their life. Once an opportunity knocks on their way to go abroad even if the sponsor will pay them P1 a year they will grab it because they are on for a long term investment. The people that they will connect and collaborate once they met them will be their greatest asset as they move on to the next level.In today’s era of Web 2.0 a major transition is beginning to happen that even the largest software maker Microsoft will be challenge not only in the field of intellectual capability but as well as adaptability in culture and trends. With Ray Ozzie as the new Chief Software Architect, Microsoft is on for Web 2.0 dominance as they vision to build a …

Windows Vista is Coming to Town

Ho ho ho Windows Vista is coming pretty soon so what's with it? I used to think that Vista is just another trying hard operating system that has been murdered by Steve Jobs not until I saw the speech recognition that blows my mind off. I am telling you that it is one amazing operating system that will make you wow and be forever jealous by the Mac culture. Watch this: Amazing Vista Voice Recognition

Pirates of the Silicon Valley

My friends says that if I haven't seen the movie Pirates of the Silicon Valley I miss half of my life. Perhaps they are right however, things change when youtube comes to life. I finally seen the full movie.

Watch this: Pirates of Silicon Valley

Woh Lamhe

The day before our tourmant I watch an Indian movie in google and my first reaction was "Is this good enough?" 172 people gave it 5 stars and I said to my self it can't go wrong. So I tried it and it was so awesome. I never thought Indian movies are so good.

Watch this: Woh Lamhe

Warning: Once you start it you won't stop until you finish it. Better do nothing else.

The essence of an open source

It’s been a while since I blog about techie stuff since I got too addicted with badminton for the past couple of months but now I’m back to the cyber world with lots of aspiration. Let me start things off with my work, lately, I have been converting over and over again data’s from our old system to the new one and hopefully I am getting close on finishing it on time. I felt bored while watching the progress bar move from one bar line to another until it reach the full bar. I think it was pretty lame to see myself doing nothing in front of the computer waiting for the transaction to be completed. So I decided to read again the book: “The World Is Flat.” This time I want to absorb things as much as I can and try to reflect on it.

One of the most interesting topic that really stuck in my head was: Flattener#4 Uploading-Harnessing the power of communities. The open source storey created a buzz in my head and Microsoft arguments in contrast with the open source philosophy was really very in…

Tournament Pictures

We had fun during and after our badminton tournament. It was a memorable experience for me since it was my first time to play in a competition. The said event helps me grow and make new friends that we only knew each other by just looking each other inside the gym. Though me and my partner aspire to work hard to reach the top and fight for the finals I guess we were to young to be tough enough to beat all three opponents in our bracket but we did manage to win one hahaha. During our practice for our second match my racket crack-up due to continuous and rapid smash. I gave all my best on our second game using a different racket but still we lost the game.

Perhaps, for the mean time memories of the game is the priceless thing I could share to you, so here it is...

After the event at around 6:30pm a typoon was scheduled to enter our territory and fortunately before the rain pour so hard I was already at my home then I slept as early as 7:30pm because I was so exhausted.

Hope you enjoy the …

Badminton: The Final Moment

What else can I say? Tomorrow will be the most memorable moment of my life because all the hard work I did for the past few months will be tested on how solid and good my badminton skills are. I could already see the mix emotions of nervousness and excitement as the game begins.

Today will be my last practice, just some light work out to finalize the right moves and condition both body and mind.

Our schedule tomorrow which is on Sunday will be 7:00-7:30am assembly time then from 7:30am-8:30am will be our opening and at the same time random pick on who will bill be our opponent. Finally, from 8:30am and beyond will be game time...Whew! I hope it will be an awesome event.

Hopefully I can post some pictures if the guy that I ask to come will be kind enough to make an appearance during my precious moment.

Wish me luck and pray for me hahaha...

Round Off Arguements

It's been two-hell-weeks since I am working on my billings calculation in my system and yet I felt it’s not enough to get me to the finish line to finally rejoice and be free. What choice do I have? Programmers/developers are born to face problems and it is our job to make things efficiently and accurately especially on the system that we develop but the price of this aspiration in a real world requires guts, time, money and effort.Since time, money and effort is quite self explanatory as we face the real world then I would like to put a lot of my attention about guts. I think guts is the most difficult thing in facing the reality especially when you are in a corporate world where politics and connections are the most vital important aspect in climbing the corporate success.As you stay longer in a particular corporation knowing the right people and getting in touch with them is probably the fastest and best way to succeed in whatever aspects you are face. Example: The more you are…

Modern Day TopGun

To all frustrated pilots...

Watch this: Speed and Angels Trailer

Taliban Documentary

I was searching for some interesting videos besides technology and one of the lingering question that remains a puzzle for me was the story of the Taliban forces in Pakistan. It did put an interest in me since the story of 9/11 attack was included in the book "The World is Flat."

Though Mr. Thomas L. Friedman did talk about the dark side of Osama and its religious followers and belief I never really absorbed what he was trying to say not until I saw the video. It provided me a strong sense of understanding on how loyalty, culture and religion could really affect one person principles in life. Just imagine this, while, most people in the United States think that Osama is the most evil person in the whole world the people in Pakistan think he is their god.

One of the most striking episode that hit me with how human brutality exist was when after two years of negotiation of both Pakistani army and the Taliban forces, a failed implementation suddenly occur right after a few days a…

Google Strikes Back

Google, the no.1 search engine on the Internet, has started to provide online document writing, processing and saving services.
Customers will not be charged for the service named “Docs&Spreadsheets” developed to compete with Office, Microsoft’s commercial software which needs installing.

The war for middle cyber-bits has just began and as I reflect to this war I think that the only way Microsoft competitors will win against them is to join forces with the community and other software vendors however, the mighty Microsoft is not just standing behind and watch them eat their customers. Soon at the right time Microsoft will issue a counter assault with Google but I bet Google is prepared than ever before.

Everyday, the playing field is getting hotter and hotter and I wonder what will be the climax of this war.

Check it out: Google Strikes a Blow to Microsoft


I have been very busy preparing for the upcoming badminton tournament on October 28, 2006, that's why I don't blog much today. My goal is to have my first ever trophy in my whole life and I don't settle for second best. I will do my best to find a digital camera for our pictures. For the meantime just enjoy surfing the world while I'm preparing for the greatest moment of my life to come.

Just wish me luck.

Just My Luck

It seems to me that last week is my greatest luck after experiencing a number of losses that almost put an end to my desire to play badminton. Most employees who played a lot have really step-up to a new level of the game and suddenly I began to question my self: is this how good they are? To the point that I only win one game for every set that we play, sometimes I win the first game or the second but the last and final game was always destined to be theirs and not mine.

It made me reflect on how I, my partner and my opponents play the game, the good thing though was I kept on searching for answers over and over again until I finally manage to create two important pointers why I kept on losing and here they are:

1. They always look for the weakest partner of mine and they kept on giving the shuttle until he or she breaks down and when it’s my turn to receive the shuttle the prize is always a hard smash. And how the heck will you be able to handle that?

2. They always have this secret we…

Yahoo Blog

After a couple nice tour with yahoo mail I began to wonder and ask myself: Is there any blog for yahoo developers? Answer: Yes, there is.

Here it is: Yahoo!User Interface Blog

And since I will be working on Ajax pretty soon, I do want to save this link to my blog.

The New Yahoo Mail

Yahoo have release it's new mail for public. The verdict: I love it! It was simple, elegant, no downloads and it just works.

Read more: Yahoo's excellent Mail Beta

Try it: Yahoo Mail Beta

Apple Special Event

Check out the latest stuff Apple has to offer you!

Check it out: Apple Special Event


Don't date because you are desperate.
Don't marry because you are miserable.
Don't have kids because you think your genes are superior.
Don't philander because you think you are irresistible.

Don't associate with people you can't trust.
Don't cheat. Don't lie. Don't pretend.
Don't dictate because you are smarter.
Don't demand because you are stronger.

Don't sleep around because you think you are old
enough & know better.
Don't hurt your kids because loving them is harder.
Don't sell yourself, your family, or your ideals.
Don't stagnate!

Don't regress.
Don't live in the past. Time can't bring anything or anyone back.
Don't put your life on hold for possibly Mr. Right.
Don't throw your life away on absolutely Mr. Wrong
because your biological clock is ticking.

Learn a new skill.
Find a new friend.
Start a new career.
Sometimes, there is no race to be won, only a
price to be paid for some of
life's more hasty decisions.

To t…

The Jollibee Experience

It’s been four months since I take a break and treat myself just for the sake of being jolly for a change. If you have only seen my real life here and experience the life style I’m living I think most of you will definitely think I am insane taking the challenge.

When I think about the culture inside CELCOR I think they suck! Sorry to say but to be honest they really do. The only thing that left me hanging to stay here is Wormz vision and the challenge is way above anything that I ever encounter. The project that I’m working alone is already considered an awesome achievement that I could ever have if destiny allows it or if I am good enough to make it happen.

Let me go back to the point that I am trying to say in here: Why CELCOR culture sucks. They suck because most of the time they don’t know how to make their people happy and to make people happy is to provide delicious foods.

The first time I started working in this place I said to myself I can bear with the challenge that they will…

Badminton: Intensity G

Yesterday, while I was working on my never ending system, one of my officemate Jojo approached me and said, “Mark laro tayo ng badminton bukas kalaban natin sina Erwin at Chris.” I was surprise and was filled with excitement and said, “Sure!” Then he made a follow up and said, “May pustahan pa naman.” I was smiling when he said that and said, “Sure no problem.”

As I go back coding, I told myself: “It will be fun because it is filled with thrills and you bet the intensity is like there is no tomorrow.” It’s been a week since I played badminton because my badminton racket cracked-up during my last game. I already had two rackets destroyed and decided to make some timeout to let go of the curse that hunts me. At around 5pm I decided to prepare myself for the ultimate challenge, I work out for one hour and thirty minutes and tried to condition and refresh my mind what are my mistakes and what must be done.

8:30am August 31, 2006 one of my officemate Jojo ask me “Ma men handa ka na ba? (Jojo…

Spiderman 3 Trailer

What else can I say? I love it!

Check this out: Spider-Man 3 Teaser Trailer

Bye bye Chikka Hello Sgoope

For almost 5 years of using chikka they never tried harder to market on VOIP(Voice over IP) and when I say VOIP I mean calls from mobile to landline and almost anywhere in the world. Though they managed to improve their MMS Service but they never learn how to work on calls. Skype is pretty cool but they never make an effort to put an edge over yahoo.

Here comes Sgoope! Well, what can I say? it just works baby! calls and text almost anywhere in the world for free! And what makes it best is they add additional extra time whenever you answer their question.

Here are the steps:

1. Download it and install it.

2. Run it and it will show you something like this:

Add an additional two zeros and the area code. Example for Globe users use this: 0063917...

Once the call is connected it will show you something like this:

Pretty cool eh!

Check this out: Sgoope

Java on OpenSource

Java will be opensource this comming October!

Check this out: Sun SVP of Software on open source Java

Solaris on the rise

It seems that Windows, Linux and Mac are not the only competitor in the desktop arena because Sun is comming in strong with it's Solaris OS.

Check this out: Looking Glass

Let the competition begin!

Microsoft Patch Patch Patch

Talk about spaghetti work here!

It just seems to get worse for Microsoft on the Windows security front. Now the software company has been forced to create a patch for a patch released earlier this month which has introduced a new critical security vulnerability in Internet Explorer.

In addition, it was revealed that two of the seven critical bugs revealed by Microsoft in August also affected the Beta 2 version of its upcoming replacement operating system Windows Vista. That news in itself was surprising because Microsoft has put a lot of work into making Vista bullet proof.

Check it here: Microsoft now needs a patch for its patch

J2EE vs. .NET

I just want to ease the burden for you so here's what I found:

.NET: Productivity, Simplicity and "Out-of-the-box"

J2EE: Flexibility, Complexity and "Do-it-yourself"

Period! That's it! No more blah blah blah.

Microsoft on Mozilla

Microsoft wants to help in the development of Firefox. It sounds pretty scary, doesn't it?

Check This Out: Mozilla will be assimilated (and feline musicphiles)

Forces That Flattened the World

The Beggining

It all started when Steve Jobs became more and more interested in Steve Wozniak progress on a new computer design. He started to get involve and after a few months, he convinced Woz to found a company to sell his computer to other hobbyists. He had understood that there were hundreds of software hobbyist out there, who, unlike Woz, was not interested in building a machine, but rather in using it for programming.

So, on April 1, 1976, Apple was born. The name “Apple Computer” was chosen because they hadn’t found anything better and because it was Steve’s favorite food at the time (he was a fruitarian). Jobs and Wozniak got each a share of 45% while the remaining 10% went to Ron Wayne, an Atari engineer who had given a hand to the duo. The original capital was quite modest: Steve had come up with $500 by selling his Volkswagen while Woz had brought another $500 by selling his HP calculator.

Woz started working on the design of the Apple II. The Apple II was a real breakthroug…

Bill Gates Speeches

This is a little bit late but I think it's still worth watching.

Microsoft Government Leaders Forum Africa - Cape Town, South Africa
July 11, 2006

Appearing with former U.S. President Bill Clinton at a gathering of government officials from across the African continent, Bill discussed how trends in information technology and software are changing the world in dramatic ways and helping Africa make significant progress in education, access to technology and infrastructure.

News Conference: New Era of Technical Leadership at Microsoft - Redmond, Wash.
June 15, 2006

Announcing his plans to transition out of a day-to-day role in Microsoft as of July 2008, Bill explained that he intends to reorder his daily priorities, not retire from Microsoft. Following the two-year transition, Bill will continue to serve as Microsoft's chairman and as an advisor on key development projects.

Check it here: Speeches: 2006

Murthy steps down

ndia's best-known entrepreneur NR Narayana Murthy was to step down on his 60th birthday on Sunday as chairman of software export giant Infosys, which he founded a quarter century ago.

Bye Dude!

Check this out: Murthy steps down as Infosys chief

The Book of Mr. Friedman

I just finish reading this book and man it did change a lot in my world. I believe that the contents inside this book is worth to all of you. In the next coming post in my blog I will rewrite some of the important points in order for me to improve my writing skills, English language, and share to you why our world is flat.

I was pretty much contented with the topic but I want to absorb all the things he pointed out and I think blogging is the right answer.

Vista patches

I guess Microsoft never learn at all even on betas...

Check this out: Microsoft releases Vista patches

Hot dog can cause cancer

I may be geek but I'm very much concern with my health too.

Check this out: Meat preservatives may cause cancer -- US study

Boosting my code

Codes, codes, codes I eat, breath, and live with codes from the moment I wake-up early in the morning until the day I drop myself into bed. Whenever I think I already mastered everything it never fails to amaze me when I instantly discover something to enhance some parts of my module inside my system.

Just when I thought everything was fine and going smoothly according to plan, with just one comment from a single user everything changed just like when you were hit by a bold of lightning.

When I showed to Karen our billing staff the process of conversion from their rover database to SQL Server she simply said. “Bat ang bagal?” and I said, “It only took 3hrs, was that long enough? Come on girl your kidding me right?” And guess her answer was? Absolutely “YES.” with a bold caps lock enabled.

What choice do I have? Developers are born for this kind of usual reaction. I’ve got to satisfy these users.

The next three days of my life was devoted on removing unnecessary codes that stores data to m…

Values that makes us human

Many times we take for granted the miracles the we experience in our daily life, it somehow condition our mind that time, wealth and health seems to last forever and we simply ignore the facts of reality that our life is indeed a miracle.

A lot of times I have seen people abuse this gift of life and never learned to share the real importance of what life is all about except their own personal satisfaction. Today I want to tell you three stories from my yesterday’s life.

The first story is about sharing what you have.

I was working on my project one afternoon doing the usual plumbing of connection from my system to my database when suddenly the ambiance of my environment changed into a certain level of distraction. People began talking to each other, some employees come and go inside our room, sometimes they join the conversation as they enter or leave the room with a banging of the door.

If you happen to experience what it is to solve mission critical and complex problems you would defini…