Microsoft Patch Patch Patch

Talk about spaghetti work here!

It just seems to get worse for Microsoft on the Windows security front. Now the software company has been forced to create a patch for a patch released earlier this month which has introduced a new critical security vulnerability in Internet Explorer.

In addition, it was revealed that two of the seven critical bugs revealed by Microsoft in August also affected the Beta 2 version of its upcoming replacement operating system Windows Vista. That news in itself was surprising because Microsoft has put a lot of work into making Vista bullet proof.

Check it here: Microsoft now needs a patch for its patch


Alma Ritchel said…
hi, thanks for the link you have in your blog about .NET tutorial.

I've visited already both sites and i find Joe's site easy to understand...

Thanks for sharing!
Alma Ritchel said…
A .NET tutorial site to take note of mine...
maks said…
No problem! keep on learning...:D

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