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Steve Job's commencement speech at Stanford

Check out the links:

after reading the articles here are 4 imporatant things that stuck into my mind.

1. In everything you do when you felt you already fullfiled everything go back. Look backwards to things that happend to your life.

2. Never gaveup to something you love most. Be strong and have faith with it.

3. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

4. Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Brooks' Law

One of the most fascinating article I ever read. Click here to visit the site.

Here are some insights:

The Mythical Man-Month: Assigning more programmers to a project running behind schedule could actually make it even later.

The Second-System Effect: The second system an engineer designs is the most dangerous system he will ever design, since it will be disastrously overdesigned. Thus, when embarking upon a new project, a project manager should ask for a chief architect who has designed at least three or more systems.

Some humour: "They call this book the Bible of Software Engineering... and that's because everybody reads it but nobody does anything about it!"

Shutting down my anger

Last friday, I had a meeting with the CFO(Chief Finanacial Officer) Mrs. Yatco. It was just my weekly report on the updates of my system. Things like whats going on , how far have I done and the most frequent question when will it run? this questions keeps my brain alive even when im at sleep to the point that it even wake me up at around 3am, 5am or 5:30am depending upon the pressure. Funny it may seem but this things are really a pain in the neck. I have found a solution to allow me to sleep until 6am straigth. All along it was just 1 glass of milk. One thing I hate about milk is it shuts me down at the busiest day which is around 8:30am-5:00pm. Drinking a glass of powdered milk is totally not an answer. What I did was combine it with milo. Milo is an energy releasing poweder chocolate. By combining milk and chocolate it creates a harmony allowing me to boost until 3pm. After 3pm is bedtime for me. An hour sleep is enough for me to pump my neurons until 9pm. Good thing I don't h…

Addicted to Microsoft

What would you do if one day an email was sent to your inbox and it's inviting you to visit their office? Of course get freak out and get ready. It's one chance of a lifetime. What would you do if they will give you free stuff before leaving? Get freaky! hehehe

3 Things you could do with microsoft jacket hehehehe


Be insane about it.


Use your imagination(some called this weird) and think of starwars more like a Jedi Master hahahha


Think Geek. hehehe

Hahahaha funny right? actually its been raining in here since july. I decided to take some pictures. :D

Celcor world

I got all the pictures I need in the world of celcor. Thanks to the powerpoint presentation I got everything. Here they are:

This building used to be the main building. It was built at around 1932. There are plans on reviving this building.

FCVC this is an independent power generator building. Most of the time the power that CELCOR used came from Transco. This building will supply power incase of a nation wide block out or just an ordinary brownout. It was built at around 1995-1996

Plant control room

Barrera Substation. It acts like large scale transformers. Which means it is used to step down or up electric currents.

Barrera Substation Control Room

Bitas Substation

Bitas Control Room

At the center with white polo and brown pants is the COO(Chief Operation Officer) Mr. Alvin Vergara

The power trucks called HIAB...

HIAB in action.

Geographical Information System. The map of cabanatuan...

Hope you like it. Ill use this picture when I have my own website.

One Freaky Sunday

Last friday, I was told that I would join our COO(Chief Operations Officer) Mr. Alvin Vergara for his keynote speach in Knights of Colombus. They told me that I would bring my laptop since it would be on a powerpoint presentation with a projector. I told them that I haven't seen the projector yet and I have no experience on how to configure it. I ask them to bring it on friday so I can check on it as early as possible. And they said ok. Saturday has passed and they told me that they can't bring the projector yet. Its either late night or early sunday. I said ok. At around 8pm saturday I decided to clean up my laptop so it would look pretty nice on sunday. I decided to use a toothbrush and a water with soap. I used joy. While preparing the materials I realize to use my own joy dish washing soap, to my surprise I realize that it was gone. Hmmm it seems to me that I left it while brushing and when I came back it was gone. Then I saw some empty joy bottle it was empty. It was mine…

The death of prince of persia: The warrior within

Recently, I have been addicted to this game. And I mean for real. I bought this game last monday, after being so frustrated with life I decided to take a break. And man I tell you it was an awesome game. Bolder, powerful, deadly, the story combine with 3d graphics was totally stunning. What else can i say 5 out of 5.

See what I told you? from the way I describe the game it totally knocks me off to the point that I forget my work. My mission. I even think more and more of the game instead of how am I ganna finsih the enterprise structure of my system.

Fortunately, somehting happend just today. We had another power failure for about 5 minutes. Instantly my laptop change to battery mode automatically. I notice how the speed of the game change drastically. Though I did not mind it until I hit another portal to save the game. As soon as the game showed me one I saved it and quit the game. While quiting the game seems to freeze. I initialize ctrl+alt+delete to stop the game. It did quit. Th…

Connection Timeout Solved

Just today after initializing the dist 8 computation I receive a connection timeout problem again. Even I already applied the syntax conn.connectiontimeout=0 which means its unlimited. I realize that connection timeout property does not work very well. However, I finally solve the problem 100% accurately. By simply configuring the memory allocation of sql server. Here's how: under sql server tools->sql server configuration propertes. Then click the memory tab. Choose use a fix memory size then simply use the full power of your memory. This technique is more like Son Goku heaven and earth powers hehehe the round ball thing. To prove the test if it works I tried deleting all the customer files using the delete statment(not the truncate table) with all the link properties such as trigger and design view built into that table. And it totally wipe out the table. Generaly if you use dynamic configuration sql server is limited to 4T+ data to delete. Then as soon as the computation is …

Dream Vision

Just this morning a had another dream. Its quite scarry because my dream was something similar to my 3 dreams before. They are pain, suffering and death. When I was young 3 of my dreams came true but i never paid attention to them. 1 was I used to dream of earth quakes I thought it was just another nightmare but then days or weeks later earth quakes occur in our place. 2 was I had a dream of where I was falling and somewhat landed on those rocky place then I suddenly get up. Days or weeks latter I could not figure it out my uncle which is an army had an accident. He fall from a tower which probably has the same height or quite higher with those towers you see on the streets and end up being paralyze hips below. And the 3rd just recently remember about the blog I had regarding tidal waves? I even saw some comments saying maybe it was your empire or something similar to it. Guess what it turned out to be a tsunami in indonesia and india wiping out a lot of people and leaving them dead. …

Freaking Feeds

Just recently as I was working with my program I was shock when I check my hard disk space. I only have 2GB of space when infact I just wipeout some chunky installers. After I hit the one button norton cleanup I was still puzzled why the heck it's still under 2GB. Then I realize that my RSS Bandit keeps on sucking news without deleting them since I only have the old version where the delete option does not exist yet. Then I check out their site and there was a new version then download it on installed and bam tantanan the delete option appear. Time to wipeout those olde messages folks...zap. After wipping them out my hard disk space is back to 5.73GB. Now I can work a little bit faster minus the connection timeout poping in my PC.

Your Success

Success is indeed what I want. After reading a couple of blogs and news I have stumble a very powerful word that caught my attention. It says "your success would be determined by what you can do , rather than to whom or where you were born." I have always thought that only if you can go, live and work at the first world country will make you successful and live a very decent life. Whenever I visit home my parents keep on convincing me to take up nursing or even go study abroad though it really sounds interesting but what stops me are the following: in nursing i know no matter how hard I try to search my feelings I will never be happy.
Lastly is studying abroad. It sounds cool if you ask me but then again as I try to look beyond happiness and analyzing the goal of most people who passed the test and got their VISA abroad one thing is uncertain for me. After all the school years they enjoy they go back to job hunt and face the same obstacle which is to be hired right? Im not s…

Connection Timeout Sucks...

Okey just today I should have completed everything last monday. Its all because of this connection timeout in our network and some power failure. I think our company or shall I say my clients company which is CELCOR(Cabanatuan Electric Corporation) is one of the worse power company. Why? its the only electric company that has no generator inside main office plus to make things worse a small fluctuation of the energy sometimes or shall I say more often causes the server to shutdown. Poor world hehe but anyway this is what I got so I guess I should make the most of it.

About the connection timeout thing darn it sucks! just this afternoon at around 5pm I just set my computer to keep on scanning on those meter transaction history wherein the computer must identify whether the customer's account last two transaction has a record of changemeter, bajado or reconnect then once identified set the field vairable into a certain number greater than 0 then execute the match computation. That w…

Some cool updates...

I may have missed my blogging rules by simply writing things during saturday or sunday but i guarantee you another cool, slick kick start of my new interface. Last saturday I bought new dvd as a reward for my self. The movies are Batman begins and Star Wars III. Here are the words that stuck into my head after watching these two movies. For batman begins: If you push yourself to become more than just a man then you became something. and what is it? To became a legend. Cool right? hehehe and for starwars hmmm I don't have any nice words to share to you but one interesting lesson that you can learn is: when you are young and you know you have became more powerful than you ever think of, be patient and learn the way of a jedi for you are young and your mind can be easily corrupt by the dark side. I believe that the mind is the weakest part of a young talented person since only time can make a person mature and wise.

Somehow I find this movie very much true in the real world. Thats the…