Dream Vision

Just this morning a had another dream. Its quite scarry because my dream was something similar to my 3 dreams before. They are pain, suffering and death. When I was young 3 of my dreams came true but i never paid attention to them. 1 was I used to dream of earth quakes I thought it was just another nightmare but then days or weeks later earth quakes occur in our place. 2 was I had a dream of where I was falling and somewhat landed on those rocky place then I suddenly get up. Days or weeks latter I could not figure it out my uncle which is an army had an accident. He fall from a tower which probably has the same height or quite higher with those towers you see on the streets and end up being paralyze hips below. And the 3rd just recently remember about the blog I had regarding tidal waves? I even saw some comments saying maybe it was your empire or something similar to it. Guess what it turned out to be a tsunami in indonesia and india wiping out a lot of people and leaving them dead. In my dream it looks more like a resort more like our villa victoria resourt where a lot of people visit there to relax and enjoy. Guess what most death happen to be in a resort. My gosh don't you think I had visions in my dream? hehehe

Anyway, in my latest dream which is today yet another similar dream occur. I had a dream of a building burning. I was there trying to help peoples things. Its quite odd because though the building looks something like a commercial building it has clothes and other house hold related things such as shorts, briefs your usual stuff. If im going to compare the building it looks something like my cousins building in calinan. It has 3-4 floors something like that.

Dreaming the future does not popout immediately sometimes its really difficult to tell if it will happen in the future or its just a dream.


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