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I finally completed the last phase of my user interface which is "Charts". Fortunately, GWT code for this object was not pretty hard and I manage to complete it in no time. Check them out:

Column Charts

Income Charts

Line Charts

Pie charts

Finally, I can concentrate on real coding and focus much of my time on building the structure of my web.

Google Code Jam

Do you enjoy solving tough problems and grappling with technical challenges? Then enter Google Code Jam!

Google Code Jam is a coding competition in which professional and student programmers are asked to solve complex algorithmic challenges in a limited amount of time. The contest is all-inclusive: Google Code Jam lets you program in the coding language and development environment of your choice.

It's about time!

GWT: Image Chooser

One of the most difficult user interface to code was the image chooser of the GWT Showcase demo most of its components source code can be viewed easily when you click the view button but not the image chooser because of its complexity. The good news is I manage to make it work.

I think the image will speak for it self.

Here's another...

Soon you will see these components in action when my site will be out. Hope you like it.

Firefox 3

Download starts now...User's burn your bandwidth:

GWT Captcha on EIS

I've got a captcha! Yes! I finally manage to run a captcha on my EIS(Energy Information System) it's been three days since I have been working on this baby and trying to understand how the heck servlet works on Apache Tomcat.

One thing I realize when I was working on this project: Coming from a Microsoft developer, when you start working on free IDE the first thing that comes into my mind is "IT SUCKS!" but if you keep on holding on and be open minded about how to deal with problems you will appreciate the art of coding.

Eric Schmidt in Conversation with Ken Auletta

Another interview from the Google CEO...One important question that you will realize on this video.

Why Eric Schmidt is the father figure of Google.

Watch the video: Eric Schmidt in Conversation with Ken Auletta

GWT-Ext 2.0.4 is out

GWT-Ext 2.0.4 is finally out. This release support for FireFox 3, GWT 1.5 RC 1 Support, and many bug fixes. With GWT-EXT 2.0.4 Ajax developer for Google Web Toolkit can now take advantage on GWT 1.5 RC1features.

The power of nice interface and performance is now in harmony with each other.

Download it here.

Google Culture: Why Eric Schmidt is the best CEO

It is the first time I have seen Eric in a conference of business people and from my point of view Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer combine is no match with this guy. After watching his video there's one important key that this guy keeps on telling his audience:

The values of Listening.

If someday I'll be able to run my own company I would make "the culture of fear" as my number one list on how to deal with it.

Watch the video: Eric Schmidt at the Management Lab Summit

Google Web Toolkit, RPC (Remote Procedure Call) and Apache

For the past weeks I was trying to figure out why my web apps won’t display whenever I deploy then on web host. I tried every trick I could but I just couldn't make it happen. It took me 3 days of break before I finally solve them. Phew!During the process of solving I decided to install Apache (a web server) in order to simulate things using local host before deploying them to the actual site. This will provide me a solid confidence that the problem is not on my web apps since it did run on a simulated web host. And it works!The form object did appear and all those fancy stuff however, on thing is missing “The RPC” it is one of the most important part on communicating between client and server. As I try to search for alternatives they say accessing thru JSON could be good choice.I began to wonder…What’s with the RPC? Why won’t it connect to my free web host? As I try to Google things around one answer did appear. And it was clear. RPC is using Java’s servlet to communicate between…