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Mistaken Identity

Just last night, the usual thing that I do which is to go out and eat in a fastfood "turo turo". For the past months I have been their customer every night from monday to saturday since during sundays they are closed. I guess the owner notice my presence every night and decided to ask some questions about me. And here goes the fun part...

owner:Saan ka naka boared?
me: Sa celcor po.
owner:*confuse* (since celcor is a company)
owner:Saan ka nag aaral?
me: di na po ako nag aaral nag tratrabaho po ako sa celcor as software developer.
owner:*surprise and could not believe*

Pause! again for the fourth time people really thinks im a highschool dude hahaha. This time im very much convince that I still look like a high school student. Even the employees where very much surprise when I cut my hair because I really look like a kid. And that fellow readers makes my day complete.

Ok you might be wondering how come its the fourth one? Where's the first, second and third? ok to those people w…


It's been a while since the last time I blog. Im so busy completing with my system since my deadline for the launching of my system will be this coming march. I feel so tired and really exhausted. My brain seems to tell me to get some sleep and have some fun but I just couldn't. The pressure really worries me a lot, just imagine waking up then after your bath you face the computer for almost 13-15 hrs a day from monday to sunday. Im really burnout but I don't mind it hehehe.

Anyways, I decided to take some break and took some pictures just today. Here it is...

The Power Server

the intel xeon dual processor with 2gb of memory

Me and my messy table

The bodega

This building used to be the office long long before i guess as far as 1930...rumros has it that it is one of the most durable building. It was made of pure sement without hallowblocks and to what I heard from those old people who help build this building all the stones was clean very well before being mix with the sement. r…


Last night again I just played basketball. The usual every night workout that im beggining to be addicted since it helps me escape from the pressure, loneliness and the material hypnotism of the world. The good about playing is you forget about all those unnecessary things in your life like you don't think about your system or a great amount of cash to buy those dream pc, digital camera or endless computer books that makes one geek so powerful in his own wierd and insane world.

So I was just doing the usual shot and training to just improve myself. While I was on my way jogging around the court two guys came close and borrowed my ball. The bad thing is they don't even ask for some permission to borrow it. They just get it and shoot. Ahh manners manners you should learn those basic staff because its a reflection of who you are.

After a 25 rounds circling around the court and some push ups I decided to join them. Just do some shots and layup. Guess what one guy ask me if I was a …

Sunday Event

Yesterday I had a very interesting event that happend. I wakeup at around 7am then immediately I wash my cloths to catch up with the sunlight and the heat. As soon as I finished all of them I decided to take a bath and clean again my alergy. I guess I really enjoy it that much that I forgot the time. It took me 1 hr and 30 mins in a bathroom. It was a good experience being fresh(not that I don't take a bath).

I ate my breakfast then I decided to focus on my work again. It was around 4pm when I realize that I forgot to get all those cloths of mine and do the iron thing. Wholly smoke I almost forgot that I don't have any maid to do this basic staff. I guess I was just busy then. Immediately I decided to do those things. Though the last pants was not that good because I was in a hurry to go to the mass. Last sunday I was really late so I have to do it right yesterday.

The mass ended at around 7pm then I decided to go to the mall since I know that the small eatery that I used to ea…

21 Points

Yesterday, we had a game. Again its basketball! however, this time it is located at the FCBC the sister company of CELCOR where I work. The situation was quite different compared to the game we had in here because instead of the usual 5 players per team it was a 3 on 3 which means we only have 1 ring compared to the usual which is two. It was my first time to visit the company and you can tell by its structure it is a very dangerous place. Imagine the oil tanker, the machine and all sorts of machinery. With one false move I believe it would blow up like a nuclear bomb. Ok i guess im over reacting. I just hope one of this days I could get some pictures. Perhaps soon...

Back to the game. We had the last game which is the 3rd game. At the start of our game all I think was to find my rythm. I don't care if we win or lose. I just wan't to show those guys my moves hahaha. Seriously, that's the only thing I care that time. One crossover or a jumper will make me happy. As we start …


My girlfriend and I had a chat. She was talking to me that she's tired and piss off because of our present situation. Long distance relationship. It's like everytime we chat she always tells me to go back to davao because she missess me then the worse and painful part is the dating thing. Imagine the feeling about your girl dating with someone though she told me that it's nothing. I always tell her about my feelings like I was about it and it hurts. Then after a long chat it will be settled and back to normal again. But the problem is most of the time a guy single or even married keeps on inviting her then it reach to a point that she will allow it. She always blame it to me. Because I was not there.

Ok it hurts a lot. There was a point that I won't continue this project anymore and just go back and like live happily ever after. I was really confuse and in my bed I close my eyes and ask God for a sign. A sign that will help me decide which is which. After 15 minutes of…

1954 and beyond

Ever thought of how the programming language evolve? in short the history of programming? check this out history of programming
never have i thought that programming language started with fortran.

Now you know our geek life started at 1954.