21 Points

Yesterday, we had a game. Again its basketball! however, this time it is located at the FCBC the sister company of CELCOR where I work. The situation was quite different compared to the game we had in here because instead of the usual 5 players per team it was a 3 on 3 which means we only have 1 ring compared to the usual which is two. It was my first time to visit the company and you can tell by its structure it is a very dangerous place. Imagine the oil tanker, the machine and all sorts of machinery. With one false move I believe it would blow up like a nuclear bomb. Ok i guess im over reacting. I just hope one of this days I could get some pictures. Perhaps soon...

Back to the game. We had the last game which is the 3rd game. At the start of our game all I think was to find my rythm. I don't care if we win or lose. I just wan't to show those guys my moves hahaha. Seriously, that's the only thing I care that time. One crossover or a jumper will make me happy. As we start the game the ball was pass to one of my team mates then pass to me. I immediately drive inside then all three of them jumps right through me and bam a whistle was called it was foul.

I had my first free throw but missed it. Then my second shot was a good one. I thought it would be my last game. But then as soon its our turn and the ball was passed to me. I just couldn't help but shot the ball. I just found my rhythm. All the jumper and fade away shot just keeps on going. At the end of the first half we managed to beat them with 15 points. When the announcer announce our points I was surprise that I had 21 points. Could you imagine that? a geek shot 21 points. Man I was on fire back then. I think its all because of my practice every night and I guess I was lucky.

At the start of the second half we allow other players who did not play at the first half to play the game. Then we had a timeout. And they let me in. The bad side of it was the magic was gone. I just couldn't shot. In the end we loss. Oh well I guess thats life.

The thing is I made the moveand it was enough.


Anonymous said…
HAHAHA... congrats.
With basketball, follow one of Jordan's principle. You own the game... you own the ball you own your opponents.

maks said…
hahaha thanks for the advise fire. Ill keep it.

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