Sunday Event

Yesterday I had a very interesting event that happend. I wakeup at around 7am then immediately I wash my cloths to catch up with the sunlight and the heat. As soon as I finished all of them I decided to take a bath and clean again my alergy. I guess I really enjoy it that much that I forgot the time. It took me 1 hr and 30 mins in a bathroom. It was a good experience being fresh(not that I don't take a bath).

I ate my breakfast then I decided to focus on my work again. It was around 4pm when I realize that I forgot to get all those cloths of mine and do the iron thing. Wholly smoke I almost forgot that I don't have any maid to do this basic staff. I guess I was just busy then. Immediately I decided to do those things. Though the last pants was not that good because I was in a hurry to go to the mass. Last sunday I was really late so I have to do it right yesterday.

The mass ended at around 7pm then I decided to go to the mall since I know that the small eatery that I used to eat will run out of food and I will end up with dog meat again.

This is the most interesting part. I check KFC first then I saw that most of their POS(point of sales)machine are down. So I decided to eat at Jollibee(fast food more like mcdonalds) I also realize that their machine is down too. I made an observation and I found out that those machines are from IBM. Maybe the developer of the system did intentionally made those bugs. I was wondering is it accendentally or intentionally?

While I was on my 2nd row waiting for my turn. One lady at the other side of the row ask me a favor. She want's to include her order to mine. Though she had a daughter but still she was hot. The fact that her looks is simply amazing I just can't say no! even if there are a lot of customers like me on the same line hahahaha.

Oh well women my weakness! whats wrong with me? I wonder where did some women got their spell?


Anonymous said…
Girls are the most deadliest species known to Boys... :D

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