Mistaken Identity

Just last night, the usual thing that I do which is to go out and eat in a fastfood "turo turo". For the past months I have been their customer every night from monday to saturday since during sundays they are closed. I guess the owner notice my presence every night and decided to ask some questions about me. And here goes the fun part...

owner:Saan ka naka boared?
me: Sa celcor po.
owner:*confuse* (since celcor is a company)
owner:Saan ka nag aaral?
me: di na po ako nag aaral nag tratrabaho po ako sa celcor as software developer.
owner:*surprise and could not believe*

Pause! again for the fourth time people really thinks im a highschool dude hahaha. This time im very much convince that I still look like a high school student. Even the employees where very much surprise when I cut my hair because I really look like a kid. And that fellow readers makes my day complete.

Ok you might be wondering how come its the fourth one? Where's the first, second and third? ok to those people who haven't red my blogs lately I blog my first one but not yet the second and third.

So here it is...The second one happend at the hospital. I decided to inject my self with a hepa b vaccine. Not because I have one but its some kinda protection. Last january 2005 I was vaccinated with the first shot and now I needed 3 more shot to complete the process. Thats the reason why I have too. When I proceed to the secretary and ask her for the vaccine the secretary ask me is it for school? ehem again the word "school" is a direct proof that he was thinking that im still a student.

The third part was again when I played the basketball game. This time its not inside our compound but at the park where I decided to jog. The park has two sets of place one for the running and the other one for basketball. Lately I begun to go back to the park since all those rides that you usually see in a carnival was remove. And now it's back to its naturistic look. I do believe that those trees remove my stress whenever I jog or simply relax under it. The power of nature. It helps me unwind and appreciate the things God created whenever I sit there and look at those amazing big trees. It really felt like im in the mountains.

Ok enough of those emotions hehehe. So after a couple of running I decided to check the court and decided to watch the game. To be frank with you guys the place was totally ugly. Its totally dirty! you can see those cigarette buts and those flies that fly around. But still I insist. After a couple of minutes there was a substitution then since no one was found they told me to play. Wow it was a great feeling to play in a world where you don't know any of them. The challenge and everything. When I was inside the court guess what one guy there told me that 'yan ang kasama natin bata.' The word 'bata' again. hehehe and thats the last of it.

I used to hate myself when people call me kid. But as time passed by I learn that looking young is a gift. Just imagine this with the looks you have you can still groove with those high school dude out there just look at me and don't ask my age cause im 18 already hahaha.

Chill people.


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