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Laundry and Iron

I usually pay some cash (P100=$55 yup peso is getting stronger yupeee)to do the ironing and the laundry not until when I lost two shirts. It was stolen because the person who is supposed to be taking care of my dirty clothes forget it that night.

Then during that morning he tells me inform me about it. I pretend that I was not really mad but deep inside I was not happy. And that triggers me to decide to do it on my own. Why? first of all it takes 1 week or worse even 2 or 3 before all my things are done. And what makes me more anger was she was the mother of the guy who stole my cellphone and cash. She told me not to persue my complains about his son because by the end of december his son will not work anymore there and now I can still see him.

As I gather all the thoughts I need it was time for my vengence but in a positive and right way. Ill do my choirs. What happen next was I decided to start washing my cloths and do the laundry but the major problem was the cloths that I wear nee…

Sayaw Cabanatuan

Just yesterday a celebration of cabanatuan just started. They had a this street party in a market near the city proper. Since the owner of the company that im working at is also the mayor and the head coordinator of the fiesta was also his cousin who is also the CEO of the company, most of the employees right now are actively involve with the arrangement and design of the place. I even saw some under process float that soon to be featured really soon.

Right now some employees are helping the float. I even saw some sexy dancers(The bodies) visited the radio station inside the compound. My reaction is they don't really look like some outstanding women that would make you drop but again the looks is fine just like your typical filipina plus the sexy body.

The bottom line, they just look more like your ordinary women with an attitude. Most probably the guts.

As for today the celebration still continue until feb. 3, 2005 which is the exact date of the celebration. I may come with them…


I just finsih the half of the conversion of my system. Then I started to launch my system to do some checking for the compatibilty issues and bam straight into my face Run time error Overflow obviously as I check the highlighted code I realize that the variable I asign was not enough. From integer I change it to long. Then rerun it again and it works well for now.

I was wondering if my system can hold long enough. Day by day the data grows more and more. I just hope it is strong enough to handle those problems.

I check the economic status of my country and I was surprise that the peso is getting stronger. Its now P55.350=$1. I begin to question my self is this because the dollar is weakening or the goverment is now doing their job or simply because, our ofw has not yet run out of cash. Who cares right? The bottom line is my country is moving up.

Tarlac Power Adventure

Just this morning I decided to go to tarlac since one of my client called me up to go there. Interesting right? At around 7:30am I took a bus(baliwag transit) it took me 2 hrs to go that place. Fortunately, I had a sandwich that I did not ate yesterday. In fairness it still taste good hahaha thanks to our 24 hrs aircondition it serve me as a refrigerator for my sandwich.

As I reach the place I stop at a mcdonalds store. Just like those sentimental movies that most of you seen I begin to remember those old days when I was an employee. Me and my boss used to stay on the same store waiting for some driver to fetch us. I actually stayed there for one week for some of the development of Philippine Rabit and the Tarlac Power too. Yup you heard it right. Im planning to take charge all the clients that my xboss left. And just that morning I was sitting on the same chair that I used to sit 3years before.

After a couple of minutes I text my client sad to say they can't fetch me so I decided…

It's my birthday

I would like to announce to all over the world that today is my birthday hahaha funny right? happy birthday to me. I know your next question is so how old am I? well I just turned 20 oh my(hahaha).

Life is indeed short. Cheers to me. I'll try to find a very special food to eat and I promise it's not ganna be a dog meat. hahaha

The secrets of a great leader

Last night I watch a movie called King Arthur, actually I already watch this movie at the cinema but then I decided to take another shot because I was impress by the movie. If there's one discovery that realize with this movie, its probably the secret of King Arthur. Base on this movie King Arthur was never defeated even once in any battle. Imagine in a battle field where you are out numbered with evil people who will not show any mercy. Your life is at stake and it seems impossible to win. Situation like this you can't ignor to question your faith, courage and the existance of God.

What makes Arthur special among his knights is he is not selfish. Never he have ask God for his own benifits but for the benifits of his people, the blessings God gave him he doubles it or even higher and brings it back to God and last but not the least silence. As Mother Teresa, quoted "In the silence of the heart, God speaks."

With God by his side people think his stories are fairy tal…

My last game

I have been playing basketball since november and I belong to the T&D team. It is one of the department here in celcor. The game has two sets of rounds and today was the last day. We won the last game and just today we battle for the 3rd or 4th place. Unfortuanetly, we lost the game making us the 4th placer and tommorow will be a battle between first or second. Despite the fact that we lost the game I can still feel that we won why? it's because for the first time in the history I had my first two shoots live at the game hahaha.

I will never forget this day promise! hahaha and the story goes like this...I had the chance to play at the second quarter of the game since we had a 12 point lead against them. After a few runs from one place to another I spoted a hole in their defense simply because they where not guarding me as strict as the good players I guess some of my playmates had two guards on them. I deceided to drive all the way to the basket even if as I pass to the ring …

Yet another gmail

I have another 10 more anyone? just send me your email address.

Back at work

Im back at my own world, in other words back at work. Never have I realize that I miss my family so much and of course the feeling of talking to most of your relatives makes me think that I still have a big life besides this computer in front of me.

If there's one thing that I like about the life I have in davao it is the luxury of sleep. I did nothing but sleep, eat, play, and just live a normal life. I was the driver and a some kind a bell boy guy who carries those big and heavy stuff. I must admit after 1 week of doing nothing but live the life I begun to miss the geeky life.

My first day was just today and I felt very weird because as I wakeup I felt like I had a very long dream and all those things that happend during christmas and new year was just a wonderful dream to cherish about. naks naman emote noh? hehehe

I brought 2 of the most important books in my life. vc++ 6.0 and ms sql server2000. Vc++ well keep my brain working when I got bored with vb6.0 and ms sql server 20…