Back at work

Im back at my own world, in other words back at work. Never have I realize that I miss my family so much and of course the feeling of talking to most of your relatives makes me think that I still have a big life besides this computer in front of me.

If there's one thing that I like about the life I have in davao it is the luxury of sleep. I did nothing but sleep, eat, play, and just live a normal life. I was the driver and a some kind a bell boy guy who carries those big and heavy stuff. I must admit after 1 week of doing nothing but live the life I begun to miss the geeky life.

My first day was just today and I felt very weird because as I wakeup I felt like I had a very long dream and all those things that happend during christmas and new year was just a wonderful dream to cherish about. naks naman emote noh? hehehe

I brought 2 of the most important books in my life. vc++ 6.0 and ms sql server2000. Vc++ well keep my brain working when I got bored with vb6.0 and ms sql server 2000 will guide me with my project incase anything will go wrong with my project.

Time to pump up those nerves and start working. I luv this job!(I hope..hehehe)


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