Tarlac Power Adventure

Just this morning I decided to go to tarlac since one of my client called me up to go there. Interesting right? At around 7:30am I took a bus(baliwag transit) it took me 2 hrs to go that place. Fortunately, I had a sandwich that I did not ate yesterday. In fairness it still taste good hahaha thanks to our 24 hrs aircondition it serve me as a refrigerator for my sandwich.

As I reach the place I stop at a mcdonalds store. Just like those sentimental movies that most of you seen I begin to remember those old days when I was an employee. Me and my boss used to stay on the same store waiting for some driver to fetch us. I actually stayed there for one week for some of the development of Philippine Rabit and the Tarlac Power too. Yup you heard it right. Im planning to take charge all the clients that my xboss left. And just that morning I was sitting on the same chair that I used to sit 3years before.

After a couple of minutes I text my client sad to say they can't fetch me so I decided to take a tricycle. As I approach the driver and ask him about the place I was surprise to realize that they don't know the place. He even called one of his friend for assistance still they can't figure it out. I told them that it was in Brangay Sto. Nino and still they are confuse. Until, finally I showed them a calling card. Still the driver was alittle unsure the place so I decided to contract him. I know that the place is really far. And it's really Far from the city so I told him how much? and he told me "how much will you gave me?" and I told him P150 ($1=P56)and the driver approve it. Lucky dude!

As I reach the place more and more memories keeps on comming...Until I reach the 3rd floor and saw the man. His name is Gilbert he is the manager of that place and as I saw him he welcome me. After, two minutes he was talking to me about the opportunity that we talked last friday. Its all about this system that they used. One of his friend is interested in buying the system for Bahrain in Saudi. He want's to talk to me on how will I implement a security that will protect the system from being pirated. So I talk to him about this idea of mine blah blah blah then I showed him the system that I was working in Cabanatuan. Guess what? I was expecting for a one project and after he saw the system I now have a promising 4 systems to sell.

Don't you think it's crazy?

And these are Tarlac Electric, Bahrain in Saudi, Kalibu in angeles and Pampanga. Wow 4 birds in one stone. Plus he told me that as soon as I complete the system did you know that electric company owners have a meeting every month. Once he introduce me to the owner of their company and the news will spread all over the electric company wholly molly there is a great chance that I could monopolize all the power plant in the Philippines. Hahaha what a weird dream.

Well, don't to get too much excited guys. Till the day I could close a contract and start poundering those keyboard for the software development of those promising clients, still it remains a very exciting dream to be.

One of the very interesting thing that happen to me today besides those client was a shock of a life time. Imagine this I am a software developer where most of my field is in computers and Gilbert is a mechanical engineer where most of his specialties are in mangement since he is a manager. I was very much ashame when he talk about this online game called Ragnarok. Because I think 50% of our discussion was more on it hahaha. I mean I just can't believe it that instead of me introducing those stuff to him it was the other way around. Funny right? I was so bum in a way that I could not imagine some non-computer geek dude explaning to me the concept of the game and how it was played. Well, just out of curiosity as he start to discuss those game I just can't help it but ask tons of questions too. Darn I feel so ignorant hahaha.

Truly I miss the gaming world. But I would rather develop my own games than play one. hahaha chill time for me to sleep im so tired of the travel plus the fun.


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