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Viacom Lawsuit Against Google

How good is Google? That has been my lingering question for the past years.

When they first bought YouTube my first question was how on earth they will handle the intellectual property problem? After a few months Viacom and a few companies did file a case against them. As you all know they did win the case. They defend their case and made an argument that for every illegal upload on YouTube they remove it upon request by the owner.

After a few months losing the case Viacom made a come back on their case arguing that a growing number of illegal copyright videos are being uploaded on YouTube. It was a real strong case that could possibly shuts YouTube down. If I was on their situation I don’t think I would even survive the first case.

Then I begin to wonder what if Microsoft, Apple and other sectors are facing this kind of problem what would they do?

I think if Microsoft is face on this case they will go for settlement. A billion dollar settlement is my bet.

For Apple, I think they will drop…