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The Future of DNS

Reading at my previous post you can see that I decided to focus on my killer application. Obviously, at my deepest heart im still bug of whether .net, java, php, perl and so on will I focus on. Last night while I was at the CR(Comfort Room), I was talking to those lizards while they eat their favorite insects flying around the florescent what should I do and what language should I use. Suddenly, a light bulb seems to popup at the top of my head more like your favorite loonley toones episod of bugs bunny(hehehe). I have realize that DNS was pattern with microsoft environment particularly your desktop. Which means my system can perform the same way windows does.

If you happen to observe windows environment it is a collection of different applications. In my own point of view I can combine all those applications and use their strengths. Its more like this vb6 will still remain. Its application will run at my startup since base on my observation .net is so slow in executing the first run.…

My moral lesson

If theres one thing that I have learned today its ganna be this "Stop thinking about the next language you will work on. Just build a killer application. Period!"

Warren Buffett 4 Principles

To all of you who did not know him he is second or sometimes first to Bill Gates richest man in the world. How he did it can be summarize into 4 principles.

The 4 Principles of Mr. Buffet

1. "Stay within your circle of competence." Clearly much of Mr. Buffett's success has stemmed from his disciplined focus on investing in businesses that he understands and avoiding those that he doesn't. He counseled us to ask questions constantly and never assume that we have achieved "expert" status in anything.

2. There's still time for you to choose your own path; tell the truth and be independent.
One of Mr. Buffett's central messages was that success is dependent upon elective qualities, not something anyone is born with. He reminded us that we each get to choose whether or not we're dependable, honest, and compassionate.

3. There's no free lunch.
With most things in life, those who work harder and think more clearly are ultimately rewarded. If you're w…

Hiring is obsolete

Yet another stunng essay by Pul Graham. Everytime i feel down an article will suddenly popup like this and when I read this it simply blew my mind away. It's like the exact words that I need to keep the dreaming and keep the neurons from pumping to work hard. Thanks Paul I owe you big time!

Tough Month

Im not quite busy right now but my computer's are. They have been running for 3 consecutive days of convertion. Im using my laptop and the main server for the process. I may not blog from time to time since i will use the other network connection for our server. Till the day I finish the convertion will be the day ill blog. For the mean time im out. See you soon.

The 4 Principles of DNS(Digital Nervous System)

Finally, after 1 year and 4 months of searching for roadmap with my system I have come up with a vision. A clear path to where I will bring my system to the next level.

The 4 Principle of DNS(Digital Nervous System)

1. System Integrated
2. Paperless
3. On-line
4. Wireless

This will be my next cutting-edge business solution.

Too much geek

At my last post you have read how weird the technique was. The was I transfer the datas from one server to the other. After a series of tweaks yesterday I have realize that the solution that I will issue was too much complex. To the point that im trying to make things difficult or im trying to solve things in a nerdy way. And I mean too much nerd. Then after a couple of googling I have comeup a new a simplier way to solve the problem. I think it was a breeze in my part. I decided to use the sql server again instead of my own creative technique. It was simplier and better I guess.

What I did was instead of issuing the usual server name whenever you establish a connection via LAN I simply change it to IP address to establish a connection. And bam thats it. I can instantly do the usual code such as insert/update/delete statement. Here's the code:

conn.ConnectionString = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=dns;Data Source=192.…

Project Real Time

Since the start of my project in CELCOR one of the major obstacle that im currently facing right now is on how to make the 2 company(Bitas - main office and collection - other branch) which is 1km apart to be real time in terms of information most especially customers bills. One of the mis staff in here already ask for a recomendation of a satellite that will create a wirless network between the main and the other branch. However, it was denied by the management obviously because of the cost.

Then while I was thinking on how to solve the problem my other option was wireless network. As I search for some details I realize that wireless is very much prone to hacking and its average maximum distance is 100 meters. Though I have seen anthenas that will help boost the range I am very much skeptical about other companies who may interupt the connection. Plus high powered anthenas are obviously not available in our country. I decided to cancel the wireless thing.

My second alternative was int…

The Six Laws of Software

I just got done reading "The Six Law of Software". Not bad after all. As I realate it in my current project I think I forgot one basic rule. And that is "Keep it simple!" Our first arrangement was 4 departments. However, it grew to 9 departments. Such a stupid move I guess. I guess its all because of the relationship of all the 9 departments that im working at. Thats the reason why our initial agreement which is 3 months became 1 year and 4 months and still the system is under construction.

Despite of my weaknessess I guess one of my advantage was being a solo freelancer. Though expense should worry me but luckily im single I get much wisdom with this experience. And thru that hopefully this experience will help me in the near future.

In a country where unemployment is drastically increasing and poor people became desperate you have to learn how to wise.