The Future of DNS

Reading at my previous post you can see that I decided to focus on my killer application. Obviously, at my deepest heart im still bug of whether .net, java, php, perl and so on will I focus on. Last night while I was at the CR(Comfort Room), I was talking to those lizards while they eat their favorite insects flying around the florescent what should I do and what language should I use. Suddenly, a light bulb seems to popup at the top of my head more like your favorite loonley toones episod of bugs bunny(hehehe). I have realize that DNS was pattern with microsoft environment particularly your desktop. Which means my system can perform the same way windows does.

If you happen to observe windows environment it is a collection of different applications. In my own point of view I can combine all those applications and use their strengths. Its more like this vb6 will still remain. Its application will run at my startup since base on my observation .net is so slow in executing the first run. Basically vb6 will run my startup. Then new modules will run vc# .net, then mobile applications will run under J2ME why? its because when I check out symbian OS .net applications is not for free. For internet sites its ganna be PHP because opensource statistics show it leads the most downloaded language and its fast compared to

Now the question of how am I ganna link all those ridiculous languagues? the answer tanan unmanaged c++. Unmanaged c++ is a langauge capable of communicating both win32 and .net framework. Im not really gana dig this deep since all I have to do is to pass some strings, integers or any sort of variables to trigger each one of them.

This will be my direction and hopefully this will be my killer application. There were times when I wanted to start everything from scratch using dev-c++ however I was quite disappointed when it won't perform the #import syntax which plays a very important role in accessing microsoft tools. Though its still in a beta mode I still believe its too risky to just adapt it considering most of my applications are mission critical. But ill remain an open mind.


Anonymous said…
You forgot Foxpro.
It can run Windows and yup some have tried, although it probably violates MS' EULA, it works and run even in Linux. It can do web based applications before .NET can even breath using ISAPI and other third party products (WestWind, Foxpro Server Pages and a lot more... some sites like the and the even are running Foxpro in the backend of their servers.

The plans they say beyond VFP9 is geared towards .NET interoperability so 'extracting' data from the cellphones/handhelds are not much of a problem.

Currently Foxpro runs on a TabletPC.

Hmmm what else? Ah yeah... you can cook in VFP, you can wash your clothes in VFP and you can even make love through VFP.
Anonymous said…
... and in terms of speed, Visual Foxpro is legendary. And because it's speed on handling (plus the speed of VFP's IDE itself) cursor-based/local databases and tables, it makes a very good front end for SQL Server.

Plus it can dance with MySQL and FireBird and future SQLblahblah servers.

The future is not the problem, but how about the past?

Ah yes... I forgot to mention, Visual Foxpro is 20 YEARS backward compatible.
maks said…
Indeed you have a very good point. But I just don't like VFP. :D
Anonymous said…
Actually that is also my attitude when I was still using VB (VB 5) then. But when I tried it, there was no looking back.

I did used VB for four years before I shifted gears.
Anonymous said…
Man, shift to Foxpro 'coz VB really sucks. Too many vb programmers already and they are all noobs. :) shift to foxpro and there will be no looking back :) forget those unmanaged c++ your planning. it will only disappoint you if not fail you.
maks said…
You have a point. But VFP won't give me enough jobs. There are jobs for foxpro but still I prefer where the wave is. Sorry dude but im simply not convince with foxpro. :D

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