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UFO and breaking the speed of light

I will make this as simple as possible. What if it has been proven that a scientist Dr. Raymond Chiao's photons break the speed of light on the year 2000! 1.7 times faster!

We all know Einstein formula which is e=mc2 and said that no matter is capable of breaking the speed of light. What if a new scientist has just prove him wrong?

How? simple if any object can be converted in a microscopic form through its energy then travel then it could happen for real.

Watch this...

Enigma 2012

I saw a video that talks about the future of human race as we reach the year 2012 which has a very significant meaning to the Malayan Calendar. The speaker David Wilcock connects everything and provide scientific proof on the inner source power of human being which is the brain particularly the pineal gland. The guy talks about space and time, worm hole, aliens and our future.

This video is not just your ordinary Hollywood scifi fantasy movie it is base on facts and science.

Burn for me baby...

I was bored and waiting for our Christmas party to end. So I surf the YouTube and found this one...

I dedicate this song to all girls who want their man to reach their dreams and burn! hahaha

From GWT-EXT to SmartGWT

For the past three days I have been thinking of whether to shift to the new SmartGWT or stay with GWT-EXT. I told my self that not because Sanjiv(the original author of GWT-EXT) is out means I have to follow him to his new project.

To answer my own problem I decided to Google around my whole day to find a legitimate reason why I have to stay or move on. I finally decided to move on to SmartGWT and migrate most of my stuff on it pretty soon.

Here are the following solid reasons.

1. The GWT-EXT members are posting migration steps to SmartGWT and even recomend new developers who are starting Ajax to use SmartGWT. I think this is a solid justification.

2. Even though SmartGWT user interface sucks a little bit the team have assembled an elite members of designer to make the new and improve widgets more professional. Can't wait to see their new interface.

3. If I stay with GWT-EXT eventualy Google will upgrade their product and without the support of EXT-GWT things will be a mess. I don'…

GWT-EXT+Maps Rendering/Resizing Solution

On my previous post about Google Maps I mention about my own map having some issues during the rendering process. Those of you who have tried working on Maps using GWT-EXT I bet you know exactly what I mean. Something like this:

After months of waiting for solution I almost gave up on this problem and almost quit on this like most developers. Unlike them I did not gave up, no not yet.

Here's the solution...

The most obvious clue to solve this problem is the resizing since every time you re-size your browser everything works well. Unfortunately, Panelmaps on GWT-EXT doesn't have a command like this (or I'm just too dumb not to figure it out).

May alternative was to use the Google Maps Api. You can download it here:

The next step will be to use the latest Google Webtoolkit 1.5.3 just to make sure everything works. You can download it here: (Note: I tried the first version before GWT 1.5.0 an…

Tough Times

We are now experiencing global economic crisis and Filipinos are not exempted by this crisis in fact news all over our country shows a lot of OFW are going home because of massive firing overseas. As I try to go back to the past and review successful people stories I found out that crisis like this provide opportunity to those who seek for the light.

Imagine this...

Henry Sy - launch the SM Malls at the start of Marcos martial law.

Gokeingwei - started to learn selling army boots during the world war.

Bill Gates-keeps on working on software on the 1980's where the US economy is way down below.

To keep our hopes high here's an email sent by my Tita Neneng.

Master Investor - Warren Buffett

I had the good fortune to attend the 2008- Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders meeting at Omaha, Nebraska a few weeks back.

It was a wonderful experience listening to and learning from the Master Investor- Warren Buffett himself and all I can say is that he stands alone as the reigning deity of financial …