From GWT-EXT to SmartGWT

For the past three days I have been thinking of whether to shift to the new SmartGWT or stay with GWT-EXT. I told my self that not because Sanjiv(the original author of GWT-EXT) is out means I have to follow him to his new project.

To answer my own problem I decided to Google around my whole day to find a legitimate reason why I have to stay or move on. I finally decided to move on to SmartGWT and migrate most of my stuff on it pretty soon.

Here are the following solid reasons.

1. The GWT-EXT members are posting migration steps to SmartGWT and even recomend new developers who are starting Ajax to use SmartGWT. I think this is a solid justification.

2. Even though SmartGWT user interface sucks a little bit the team have assembled an elite members of designer to make the new and improve widgets more professional. Can't wait to see their new interface.

3. If I stay with GWT-EXT eventualy Google will upgrade their product and without the support of EXT-GWT things will be a mess. I don't consider using the native GWT since it lack's the richness that GWT-EXT and SmartGWT use. I can't hire developers to those stuff and it doesn't make sense to reinvent the wheel on my part.

That's it! Bye bye GWT-EXT. Hello SmartGWT.


mahi said…
I read your blog. It is quite interesting. I am currently working on a project developed in gwt-ext. The project is under development for over 2 years and now we are considering a migration from gwt-ext to another framework like smartgwt or gxt. I have gone through some articles and still have not reached a conclusion. Since I have to change a huge amount of code base I am faced with some serious questions, which framework will be more good and which framework is easy for the migration? Hope you can provide me with a solution.

Thanx in advance
maks said…
Hi Mahi,

If you choose the direction of smartgwt it provides a lot of instant features that will save you in your enterprise project but then again it won't scale up since it is just a wrapper. If you choose the direction of native GWT it is fast but it will take some time to rewrite most of your codes. For the GXT i don't have an experience with it so I can't really give you a comment.

Overall when you work on the web I think scalability is the most important. Your application must be fast since time is important to your users.

It's still up to you to decide.


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