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GWT Maps with Geocoding

I could still remember the last time I work with maps using my old EIS project (GWT+GMaps) where address can be converted to longitude and latitude to view the location. It was kinda hard to understand the code.

Google has made a major update for its maps with the use of Geocoding in order to easily view your search address. It was indeed a breeze especially on the code. It was cleaner and better than ever.

Here's my main menu. As I type the location of the address and hit the search button I was totally amaze with the result.

I tried a lot of address and it was almost 100% accurate. For now I am very much satisfied with the results.

For the past 4 hours I have goggled for some simple code on how to use the geocoding but most of them are too complicated to understand. Here's my code:

LatLng addressLatlng = LatLng.newInstance(13.8666667000, 121.0166667000);

MapWidget map= new MapWidget(addressLatlng, 5);

map.setSize("100%", "100%");

// Add some controls for the zoo…

GWT 1.7 Release

Download it now!

GWT 1.7

GWT RSS Reader

Working with RSS Reader has never been this good especially when your handling with HTML parser. It just makes life even better. I could clearly remember when I first installed my RSS Reader on a desktop. It was fun watching all the feeds update my reader and read all the latest news that I really like.

Things gets really frustrating when it's my time to add my link. I always get's an error because I just add the link of the website and it's quite confusing because atom link or rss link is so new to me and I just don't have a clue on how to pick them up. All I know was I want to pick up new updates on news and blogs that I really like.

One of my friend told me that you need an RSS Feeds or Atom link of that website. To find the feed was a total hell. Imagine from an idiot user perspective opening the site's source code and search the lines for the right feeds. That's just insane!

Fortunately, on my blog blogger made it easy to look for your own atom link but sear…

Compose Mail Complete

Working on compose mail is one of the most interesting experience I've ever had. From writing text messages to attachments and sending it to the recipient was a totally new experience for me.

It was absolutely different experience as compared to my years on database job. If I evaluate things over the level of difficulty that I encounter during the process of development GWT Fileupload added to both horizontal and vertical panel was one hell of a problem to solved.

However, despite all those problems the best thing in life is when you have solved the problem and your web application works very cool.

Here's my compose mailbox:

Multiple attachments works very cool in here as if you can simulate the real email.

As I send the email to my Yahoo Messenger here's how it looks:

That's it for my mail box now I can work on my RSS Reader.

New MailBox Updates

For the past couple of months I really tried so hard to make sure all the standard features of email will also be available on my pushed mail. Behold the new details of my mailbox.

The new interface has the ability to identify the following features:

Inbox - It has the capability to show the list of unread mails.

Drafts - The drafts works on getting the total number of draft being store on its folder.

Spam - The spam works the same with inbox it fetch most of the unread mails and display the total count.

Most basic features such as marking as read, unread, select all and delete works fine. I tried to keep things as simple as possible to avoid complex problems during the process of development and most importantly to avoid my brain to keep on adding more insane features.

I will be working on the last phase which is the compose and I think it's one heck of a challenge. Can't wait to work on it.