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SM Mall of Asia

Saturday May 27, 2006 as I joined the celebration of my beloved Aunt's 56th Birthday, one of my cousins who lived in Dasmarinias Cavite visited us in the Medical Mission Convent and for the first time we met each other. I never thought that this guy exist after all. We did had a lot of chat about how he stayed in our home then together we ate our lunch with a yummy ice cream and cake. It was really fun as I look at his 3 little angels enjoying the food and doing those weird things on their ice cream. It was quite funny to see how those little children so innocent in eating their food, they never fail to amaze me how simple their joys are and living their lives seems so wonderful.

After a very good lunch all us are stuck into where and what we will do next, fortunately my cousin remembered the new mall called "Mall of Asia" which is near at Roxas Boulevard. We decided to check it out to see how good is it and once again the man behind it never fails to amaze me. Though I d…

Reducing the Views

I must admit that during the development time of my system I have been abusing our server to take full control on the handling of data leaving the client computers quite spoiled with their processor though the network bandwidth felt the pressure of traffic as I throw all the major transaction on their main highway. Having 1Gbps bandwidth in our switch and a dual processor in our Intel Xeon server makes me put those entire machines to their limits. I just can't believe that a file base single task database in a 2.6a FoxPro database perform so smooth in an environment like this. Which leads me to a simple question what about a database server that is created for multi-tasking? It did perform very well during the test run all my frustration and fears was quite solve but not after a rigorous analysis and observation of the performance in Sql Server 2000 plus redesigning the database table and Visual Basic codes.

At the second week of May I have fears that I would add up another 4,000 v…

Vb6 For Java

A very interesting blog that caught my attention was called Project Semplice. It is a very promising tool that could help lots of developers who have made huge investments in vb6 and trying to keep updated with the current trend. What's important with this breakthrough is it allow developers to choose a lot of alternatives instead of choosing one direction. At least most of us will have the freedom to choose of what we like instead of being force to walk on one road.

I could still remember clearly during my college days, I used to live with the principles of the ancient warriors of Japan that live in creed of survival of the fittest "The strong shall live and the weak shall die." in my own way translating this creed I always tell my self that I should focus on my favorite language and become better on it and then I will live happily ever after for I have become the best of what I can be and there is no amount of problem that I can't solve because of who I am However, …


A new interface has been reborn and this time it's goanna be beyond measure. For 7 long years this site has been stood the test of time innovating with a touch of art and design leaving most geeks in a very uncomfortable question how on earth can a geek become a good artist? or even greater? Imagine in a person where you combine the power of FoxPro+Photoshop+Web. I don't think this dude is human! I mean how would you think of combining logic, art and Spiderman to produce such great piece of work.

I don't know with you but Wildfire knows the exact answer. Prepare to scream your bandwidth as you check out Pixelcatalyst on its 7 year of seamlessly stunning art works.

Summit and Corporate Intranets

Imagine a presentation where you have gathered people like Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway, Anne Mulcahy of Xerox, Ed Zander of Motorolaand attendee Nandan M. Nilekani, CEO of the Indian outsourcing giant Infosys. I wonder how would you face them with convincing speach. There's one person who can only do it and his none other than Microsoft Chairman William H. Gates III. I bet even Steve Jobs can't gather this high caliber people.

Bill Gates delivered the keynote at the tenth annual Microsoft CEO Summit.

This time Microsoft is at full charge and putting an edge on its "enterprise information management." this application is a combination of MSN search service that collects search results from the web and desktop search that collects information from a user's PC and the new technology that sifts through corporate data.

What this means is Microsoft has now 3 powerful search it's web, desktop pc and now corporate data using its SQL Server and Exchange Server. …


Did you know that there is an early human ancestor know as Toumai then interbred with chimpanzee ancestors, leaving a population of hybrids that developed into today's humans. Damn imagine human beings started breeding with chimps? Don't you think that human's are born to be sexually addict?

I wonder what's next? What about a hybrid version of humans and a cow?

Check this out: Humans, chimps may have bred after split

Apple's Edge Over Microsoft?

In the world of IT, models created by business empires will dictate the future of their products. Microsoft is using the component model as the key to win customers and Apple is using the end-to-end model. Microsoft Windows platform crushed Apple's Macintosh platform the day Microsoft release Windows 98 and pirates come out in the open and dominate every stall in our local mall and computer shops.iPod maybe the best and coolest mp3 player that I have ever seen but I still don't think that Apple will dominate the cell phone era for this place belongs to Asia particularly Nokia and Sony Ericson. I don't know why Walter Mossberg thinks US company will always dominate the world when in fact there is another company that belongs to the world and its called Open Source. I think he is dead wrong with his perception. Without a doubt nobody comes close to iPod in the field of mp3 player however, with the release of Sony Ericson latest cell phone such as W900i. An intelligent human …

The Battle for Supremacy

If there's one quote that I want to describe this competition it's got to be:

One company to rule them all.

The intensifying war between Microsoft and Google will determine the future of how people use computers and access information. Windows is the dominant operating system of personal computing while Google is becoming the dominant operating system of the web.

Since this two titans quest for absolute power I began to wonder he who will win this battle will receive the instrument of absolute power and by then will he ever face internal dissension and corrupting influence that might lead to something evil?

Check out the news: Microsoft and Google square up in fight for global control

Underworld 2

Relaxation is a part of me that remains to be a luxury. Finally I decided to take some break and see what the real world is.

I walk to the small mall near in our office and check out some cool movies that I have been missing lately due to living in an alien world(my work)

I was thinking of watching a movie in a cinema but then again what good is a cinema when your all alone? I know some people get to used at it but for me damn my life has been lonely why should I make it even worse right? I mean most of my life in here was nothing but code and most of the time I work alone in a silent day or night so what's the point if I watch a movie all alone? I just hate it because it makes me feel miserable more and more.

Enough rants about my life. Going back to the real world... So I finally came into a place where pirates are heaven and movies are just like your candy store. Name it and they have it and not to mention multiple movies in one DVD. Last year there was this mall wherein the 3rd f…

The Way Wormz Should be

Everyday I search for the exact answer on how should wormz be remebered? Finally, as I stumble to some blogs an answer was given...

Check this out: Small Giants

Business Trilogy

When I look at most movies I don't see much about business. There are some that focus on love life, fantasy or even sci-fi. Geeks too have place in the movies but not that much. So I began the quest and found some very interesting links.

Check this out: JimCollins

It has a very good collection of business epics that once rule the world. And here is one of my favorite lines:

I fumbled and struggled, trying to explain that the essence of a great company lies not in the absence of difficulty but in its ability to bounce back from difficulty and come back even stronger than before. I argued that great companies--like great nations--have a way of fighting their way out of calamity, rising to their best when their backs are most to the wall.

Ranting about work

I can't deny the fact that I am quite disappointed with my work not because I hate it but I just can't seem to deliver the result on time. I guess I over estimated the huge task that I’m going to face. Last January 19, 2006 I made a significant move to redesign the structured database particularly the matching database, computebill and some important database that has a connection with billing. Instead of the usual single table everything was split into 17 tables since in the city of Cabanatuan there are 17 districts.

I made this bold move not because I want to perform some extreme coding but rather it must be done due to the fact that using a single database is not enough to compensate the network. The company is using a FoxPro database which is a file and I believe as I look at this files are not meant to perform multitasking as compared to the latest FoxPro database.

Just how humongous was the change?

I used to have 2,000 plus views but now check out the difference:

Damn! an…

Philippines: In a brighter side

Hell with politics I bet most filipinos in our country are immune with it. Nothing's new with our government However, our economy is getting better and seems to be vibrant. As I check the news INQ7 money everything is in a positive state. It feels so nice and cool but the real question that remains to be seen is how long will this last?

Bring on the workforce and lets pump our economy. Go Philippines!

Microsoft Takes Google by Storm

Amazon choose Windows Live to power it's search engine against search rival Google.

Without a doubt Microsoft is starting to shake Google's revenue.

It's time for Google to get back to the drawing board or suffer the same faith with Netscape.

Check it here: Amazon Drops Google for Windows Live

Microsoft: People Ready

A very good insight on how to make business thru innovation: Microsoft business & Industry

I want this link to be my daily bible in business hahaha.

Coaching a team=Managing a company

Tonight was the last day of our sports fest. It was suppose to be last Friday but the weather did not permit to end it. I'm glad that destiny did not permit it because I had learned a lot from this day especially in making a solid foundation of our team.

Here is our situation: We are on the rally with white team for the overall championship. Our statistics against the white team is 75 for white team and 70 for black team. The white team has 2 more games and if ever they will win any of the two games without a doubt they are the champion.

Early morning as I internalize about our team mate they are very confident that they will win. It's nice to be confident but it's deadly to be over confident. There are also certain rules to consider before you over estimate any opponent in a certain game. And that's the key the white team lacks.

We had 3 games in badminton. The first game was the continuation of the men's double. As I observe carefully about the game one of the best …