Apple's Edge Over Microsoft?

In the world of IT, models created by business empires will dictate the future of their products. Microsoft is using the component model as the key to win customers and Apple is using the end-to-end model.

Microsoft Windows platform crushed Apple's Macintosh platform the day Microsoft release Windows 98 and pirates come out in the open and dominate every stall in our local mall and computer shops.

iPod maybe the best and coolest mp3 player that I have ever seen but I still don't think that Apple will dominate the cell phone era for this place belongs to Asia particularly Nokia and Sony Ericson. I don't know why Walter Mossberg thinks US company will always dominate the world when in fact there is another company that belongs to the world and its called Open Source. I think he is dead wrong with his perception.

Without a doubt nobody comes close to iPod in the field of mp3 player however, with the release of Sony Ericson latest cell phone such as W900i. An intelligent human being would definitely wonder why would I need an iPod when everything I need in an iPod is in my phone? take note that the US is pretty much out dated in the field of cell phones as compared to Asia.

iTunes may have sold billions with their songs but what about the comparison of how many music was downloaded for free in the internet? Apple's business model will always be limited to the rich and with that they can never conquer the world the same as what Microsoft did.

I still believe that in the field of mobility free as in 'libre' will rules. Check out most cell phones that dominate the market they all use JAVA. I don't see Microsoft O2 XDA, Treo and HP or even worse Apples Cell Phone with built in iTunes. What's the name of it again?

I have heard about Apple morphing its iPod into cellular phone I don't know with you but I think iPod will only be good as an mp3 player nothing more. The reason why I like iPod because of its slick and cool design any changes will make it worse not unless Steve Jobs will do the impossible again. I wonder what's the limit of a human being who tries to be god? Perhaps he just have to ask Bill Gates.

If only an OpenSource software will follow the easiness of mobility then they may have killed Microsoft long before they morph into cows.

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