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2009 Review

As we celebrate Christmas this coming midnight I can't help but reminisce the past five years of my life. Most of the time it was lonely and pressure due to the nature of my job. The past two years was really really tough as I was at the middle of completing my project. All I long for that time was to finish the job and go home and live happily ever after. I used to think that during the first six months I could easily handle all the possible problems that I would encounter but I was wrong. I almost died that time but somehow I manage to survive.

It was the best experience that I ever had and very much happy to live the day to share my stories.

Now, that it is over I am moving to the next challenge which is the internet era. Software as a service. Recently last December 3-4 we manage to reach the top four candidates on DevCon(Developers Connect) it was a whole new experience and I was pretty much ready from stage one to the finals.

Although my ultimate goal is not yet achieve but sti…

SmartGWT 2.0 Release

I have been a fan for this GWT library since I started working with ajax applications. I must say Sanjiv had made a great job improving its library to where it is now.

Congratulation to Smart GWT Team.

Check out the official announcement and the showcase demo:

GWT 2.0 Campfire

After I found out the release of GWT 2.0 I immediately made sure that my web application is compatible with it and work my way through its codes. I was very fascinated with how the speed tracer works and played with it during my first 3 hours.

Days after I get feed up with all the new features I thought that was it. I have learned everything I need to know.

Well not exactly.

I decided to check out GWT 2.0 Campfire to learn more and I got what I need to know. Check out the video here:

I was happy with how easy it is to implement code splitting with this video to reduce the files to be downloaded.

Then I wanted to know the exact details on the improvements of GWT 2.0. Fortunately, I saw a blogg from ongwt by RAY CROMWELL entitled GWT 2.0: So Good It's Ridiculous

I was impress by how the GWT engineers do their job.

GWT 2.0

Wow! I am so stunned with the new updates of GWT 2.0 combine with the new speed tracer with Google Chrome. For every release version of GWT things gets really amazing with how you work with ajax application. The biggest change was from hosted mode to hosted browser is indeed the most important milestone GWT have gone through. Developing and debugging to major browsers have always been the most important aspect for an ajax developer and version 2.0 made that happen.

Code splitting to boost up performance and scale up your project is something I would love to work my ass off to learn how this code works. It plays a vital role on keeping my users out of boredom.

I am also looking forward to work often with draft compiling as I remember fixing minor tweaks consume a lot of my time.

These are just some of the features that I am very much interested but still the new features GWT 2.0 is very useful and I would be very excited to learn the new features and take advantage of it.

I personally rec…