GWT 2.0

Wow! I am so stunned with the new updates of GWT 2.0 combine with the new speed tracer with Google Chrome. For every release version of GWT things gets really amazing with how you work with ajax application. The biggest change was from hosted mode to hosted browser is indeed the most important milestone GWT have gone through. Developing and debugging to major browsers have always been the most important aspect for an ajax developer and version 2.0 made that happen.

Code splitting to boost up performance and scale up your project is something I would love to work my ass off to learn how this code works. It plays a vital role on keeping my users out of boredom.

I am also looking forward to work often with draft compiling as I remember fixing minor tweaks consume a lot of my time.

These are just some of the features that I am very much interested but still the new features GWT 2.0 is very useful and I would be very excited to learn the new features and take advantage of it.

I personally recommend to move all your web application to version 2.0

For more information visit:

Google Web Toolkit

What's New in GWT 2.0?


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