2009 Review

As we celebrate Christmas this coming midnight I can't help but reminisce the past five years of my life. Most of the time it was lonely and pressure due to the nature of my job. The past two years was really really tough as I was at the middle of completing my project. All I long for that time was to finish the job and go home and live happily ever after. I used to think that during the first six months I could easily handle all the possible problems that I would encounter but I was wrong. I almost died that time but somehow I manage to survive.

It was the best experience that I ever had and very much happy to live the day to share my stories.

Now, that it is over I am moving to the next challenge which is the internet era. Software as a service. Recently last December 3-4 we manage to reach the top four candidates on DevCon(Developers Connect) it was a whole new experience and I was pretty much ready from stage one to the finals.

Although my ultimate goal is not yet achieve but still I am hoping for early next year I could launch the product.

Overall, the year 2009 was great and the future of 2010 is coming. I know it will be different and I hope that my preparation will be enough to gain opportunities or to experience the worse things that would happen.

May the spirit of Christmas this year be the source of light, hope and strength to face the new journey in our life.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Justicia y Paz said…
Merry Christmas too my dearest Mark. Yes, as we journey through life we encounter the joys and pains/difficulties for that mattter. The essence of all of life's events and journey lie in our being able to look deeply into them to be able to understand and get the meaning of our life's shadow and light. Never give up and keep on trusting! Cheers and know you are most loved! Tita
maks said…
If I would have a fan's club I think you would be my number one fan hehehe just kidding tita. As always thank you so much for your never ending visit to my blog and as always your message never fails to mesmerize me. Merry Christmas my beloved tita.
Maria Emma said…
That's right my dearest Mark you are someone dear and special to me that is why I'm always interested to know how you are and what you are up to. When you love someone you are always interested to know how the other is in his/her journey. Again, a gracefilled Christmas. Blessings of love my dearest Mark. Mwah. Tita.

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