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Tournament Pictures

We had fun during and after our badminton tournament. It was a memorable experience for me since it was my first time to play in a competition. The said event helps me grow and make new friends that we only knew each other by just looking each other inside the gym. Though me and my partner aspire to work hard to reach the top and fight for the finals I guess we were to young to be tough enough to beat all three opponents in our bracket but we did manage to win one hahaha. During our practice for our second match my racket crack-up due to continuous and rapid smash. I gave all my best on our second game using a different racket but still we lost the game.

Perhaps, for the mean time memories of the game is the priceless thing I could share to you, so here it is...

After the event at around 6:30pm a typoon was scheduled to enter our territory and fortunately before the rain pour so hard I was already at my home then I slept as early as 7:30pm because I was so exhausted.

Hope you enjoy the …

Badminton: The Final Moment

What else can I say? Tomorrow will be the most memorable moment of my life because all the hard work I did for the past few months will be tested on how solid and good my badminton skills are. I could already see the mix emotions of nervousness and excitement as the game begins.

Today will be my last practice, just some light work out to finalize the right moves and condition both body and mind.

Our schedule tomorrow which is on Sunday will be 7:00-7:30am assembly time then from 7:30am-8:30am will be our opening and at the same time random pick on who will bill be our opponent. Finally, from 8:30am and beyond will be game time...Whew! I hope it will be an awesome event.

Hopefully I can post some pictures if the guy that I ask to come will be kind enough to make an appearance during my precious moment.

Wish me luck and pray for me hahaha...

Round Off Arguements

It's been two-hell-weeks since I am working on my billings calculation in my system and yet I felt it’s not enough to get me to the finish line to finally rejoice and be free. What choice do I have? Programmers/developers are born to face problems and it is our job to make things efficiently and accurately especially on the system that we develop but the price of this aspiration in a real world requires guts, time, money and effort.Since time, money and effort is quite self explanatory as we face the real world then I would like to put a lot of my attention about guts. I think guts is the most difficult thing in facing the reality especially when you are in a corporate world where politics and connections are the most vital important aspect in climbing the corporate success.As you stay longer in a particular corporation knowing the right people and getting in touch with them is probably the fastest and best way to succeed in whatever aspects you are face. Example: The more you are…

Modern Day TopGun

To all frustrated pilots...

Watch this: Speed and Angels Trailer

Taliban Documentary

I was searching for some interesting videos besides technology and one of the lingering question that remains a puzzle for me was the story of the Taliban forces in Pakistan. It did put an interest in me since the story of 9/11 attack was included in the book "The World is Flat."

Though Mr. Thomas L. Friedman did talk about the dark side of Osama and its religious followers and belief I never really absorbed what he was trying to say not until I saw the video. It provided me a strong sense of understanding on how loyalty, culture and religion could really affect one person principles in life. Just imagine this, while, most people in the United States think that Osama is the most evil person in the whole world the people in Pakistan think he is their god.

One of the most striking episode that hit me with how human brutality exist was when after two years of negotiation of both Pakistani army and the Taliban forces, a failed implementation suddenly occur right after a few days a…

Google Strikes Back

Google, the no.1 search engine on the Internet, has started to provide online document writing, processing and saving services.
Customers will not be charged for the service named “Docs&Spreadsheets” developed to compete with Office, Microsoft’s commercial software which needs installing.

The war for middle cyber-bits has just began and as I reflect to this war I think that the only way Microsoft competitors will win against them is to join forces with the community and other software vendors however, the mighty Microsoft is not just standing behind and watch them eat their customers. Soon at the right time Microsoft will issue a counter assault with Google but I bet Google is prepared than ever before.

Everyday, the playing field is getting hotter and hotter and I wonder what will be the climax of this war.

Check it out: Google Strikes a Blow to Microsoft


I have been very busy preparing for the upcoming badminton tournament on October 28, 2006, that's why I don't blog much today. My goal is to have my first ever trophy in my whole life and I don't settle for second best. I will do my best to find a digital camera for our pictures. For the meantime just enjoy surfing the world while I'm preparing for the greatest moment of my life to come.

Just wish me luck.