Taliban Documentary

I was searching for some interesting videos besides technology and one of the lingering question that remains a puzzle for me was the story of the Taliban forces in Pakistan. It did put an interest in me since the story of 9/11 attack was included in the book "The World is Flat."

Though Mr. Thomas L. Friedman did talk about the dark side of Osama and its religious followers and belief I never really absorbed what he was trying to say not until I saw the video. It provided me a strong sense of understanding on how loyalty, culture and religion could really affect one person principles in life. Just imagine this, while, most people in the United States think that Osama is the most evil person in the whole world the people in Pakistan think he is their god.

One of the most striking episode that hit me with how human brutality exist was when after two years of negotiation of both Pakistani army and the Taliban forces, a failed implementation suddenly occur right after a few days and one by one the Taliban forces killed their elders who negotiated with the US. You could also see a number of people being hung in the public and the people seems doesn't care or even rejoice for they think that these people deserve it. Perhaps, the worse of them all was a number of human beings tied up and drag by a car shouting these words "Long live: Osama bin Laden."

It may seem not right to us but the most surprising of them all is the Muslim people of Pakistan supports this kind of virtues and even donated more than $4,000, gold’s, silvers and a twenty cargo truck filled with blanket and all sorts of basic needs for their warriors.

It is so amazing how people choose the kind of virtues and live with it. As I reflect on these events I think my country Philippines particularly Cotabato City in Mindanao is changing into this kind of life. If we don't act now and perform the right implementation everything will change from bad to worse.

Watch this video: Return of the Taliban


Jane Smith said…
u bet...it seems like Cotabato is turning into a killing ground...some kill people for a living! ur post is interesting. growing up in cotabato province, i've known some moslem friends that are really typical & lived in remote dangerous areas. but talking about GOOD moslems, i have high respect for Islam religion bcoz if u really think about it, they are the only religion that strictly follow the ways of Jesus Christ. from baptism, ways of worship, 40 day fasting, to how they bury their dead. plus their Holy Qu'ran is VERY powerful for them!! nobody is allowed to touch it. our school borrowed their holy bible before and even the school principal who was an RVM nun was not allowed to. if u have to have a moslem admit a sin, submit him infront of a Qu'ran and they CANNOT afford to lie!! however, culture is different from religion. i think in their culture, it's only black or white. they are either bad or good period, nothing in between. in a place where kidnapping is rampant & where the only border in between govt troops & rebels exchanging bullets is just the national highway (!), i noticed that "blood is thicker than water" for them. it's always good to be cautious even if u have been friends for so many years and trust no one especially if you are not one of them.
maks said…
correct! it's nice to hear your story thanks for the inputs.

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