Badminton: The Final Moment

What else can I say? Tomorrow will be the most memorable moment of my life because all the hard work I did for the past few months will be tested on how solid and good my badminton skills are. I could already see the mix emotions of nervousness and excitement as the game begins.

Today will be my last practice, just some light work out to finalize the right moves and condition both body and mind.

Our schedule tomorrow which is on Sunday will be 7:00-7:30am assembly time then from 7:30am-8:30am will be our opening and at the same time random pick on who will bill be our opponent. Finally, from 8:30am and beyond will be game time...Whew! I hope it will be an awesome event.

Hopefully I can post some pictures if the guy that I ask to come will be kind enough to make an appearance during my precious moment.

Wish me luck and pray for me hahaha...


Jane Smith said…
i hope u had a good time mark :D

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