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Wormbizz Beta 2 Launched

Dashboard New Design and Cool Features

The newly design dashboard simplifies the interface of Wormbizz to make things simple and easy for most users to vist the site. The width of the page was dramatically reduce to cater most devices such as netbooks, ipad, android and other devices that has the ability to connect with the internet and browse the site.
The site also aims to make it faster and compatible with most major browsers. Still major improvement has to be made on the site to make it really fast during loading since it really takes time to load it.

Suggestion Box

Suggestion box was also a new feature that was added on the search to make it more faster and easier to look for someone. Improvements to make it look more like facebook style remains to be seen since a lot of bugs and other problems needs to be address first before moving to this feature.

Market Place

The new Marketplace allows users to post products that they want to sell or advertise with customers who are interested wit…