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GWT Best Practice

Google IO 2010 is comming this May 19 - 20 and I am very much excited to know what they have prepared for us developers. I have decided to review the 2009 Google IO and wrote a couple of summary for guides on the best practice with GWT. The following are the list:
Browser History Get browser history right, and get it right early. Back, forward and bookmark.
Event Bus Use it to fight spaghetti code.
DI+MVP Dependency injection plus model/view/presnter for the win
Google Gin/Guice Everything might require async call sometimes so assume it does all the time
Command Pattern(Object that embody's calls) Use it to make async tolerableLeverage point for caching, batching and centralize failure handling (inherits the oops something went wrong rather than calling it online).
Groud Work
Lays the ground work for: GWT.runAsync() - choping the parts that can be code splitUndo/RedoOffline WorkUse command pattern RPC Always be decoupling
The combination ofAn event busMVP pattern for your custom widgets Depend…

GWT+ Hibernate

Hibernate plays a very critical role on connecting to different relational database from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and etc. At the beginning I thought using hibernate doesn't make sense but I guess I was wrong.
I made a couple of example to better understand how things work. To download the example visit this link

GTUG(Google Technology User Groups) Davao

I have started a new group called GTUG Davao. Here I will share and post the things I know about Google Application, news, and other tutorial. I will still use this blog to share what I have learn but the group discussion will provide the most important resources that users need.
Here's the link:


I never really appreciate the beauty of weekends not until today. I used to think that working 14/7 is something to be standard on most work. Not exactly I guess. Life becomes more meaningful when you realize that their is life after work. I guess I was so used to my most jobs where I just work and work.
Right now when I do nothing I can write blogs based on emotions and scroll over to some pictures that have manage to made more sense. I never realize I was happy with those events.
After careful evaluation with myself I begin to realize that I blog more whenever I am on a certain mission. Like when I take my life to where I want it to be. Then when I am home I spend most of my time with family and its reality. I don't blog most of the time.
I think this the reason why when you became more independent I try to become who you are everything on you tends to mature and you learn things better. But when you stay with your family and live your life with them everything seems to be relax, h…

GWT TestCase

Currently, I just discover the value of using Test Case in GWT I never learn to appreciate them since the beginning of my career as a developer. Overall, I am happy that I was forced to make it work and made me realize the importance of it.

The following are the GWT test case:

JUnit Test Case - testing framework for most of your application.GWTTest Case - test code that requires JavaScript at runtime.Selenium Test - test through event listener that run against the browser with all the mechanism in place.TestSuites - grouping your test cases. It can run in a single suite and only incur a single compilation.Asynchronus Testing - RPC test case.All this test case are categorize into two mode: Hosted and Web Mode. It is because there may be a subtle difference between the way GWT application work.
I write this stuff on my blog for me to go over on them whenever I need it.