I never really appreciate the beauty of weekends not until today. I used to think that working 14/7 is something to be standard on most work. Not exactly I guess. Life becomes more meaningful when you realize that their is life after work. I guess I was so used to my most jobs where I just work and work.

Right now when I do nothing I can write blogs based on emotions and scroll over to some pictures that have manage to made more sense. I never realize I was happy with those events.

After careful evaluation with myself I begin to realize that I blog more whenever I am on a certain mission. Like when I take my life to where I want it to be. Then when I am home I spend most of my time with family and its reality. I don't blog most of the time.

I think this the reason why when you became more independent I try to become who you are everything on you tends to mature and you learn things better. But when you stay with your family and live your life with them everything seems to be relax, happy but you always feel there is something missing. Something where you can be independent and take charge of your self.

I guess whenever we have something in us right now we tend to go to something we don't have and that's where the trouble comes because there is no assurance to it. Most of the time it is the heart that matters a lot. Something where you follow your dreams and move out your comfort zone.

I think most of my thoughts right now is based on the movie that we have just watch Alice in Wonder Land.


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