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Two things in Life

It’s been a while since I wrote something in my life in this blogg of mine may it be personal or technical stuff. What is it for me right now? As far as my life is concern I have two tasks that I am working right now. First is my never ending system and second is my training for the upcoming tournament in badminton.Let me start by talking something about my never ending system. At the beginning I thought that if I ever completed the structural flow of the system everything will be fine but time after time as I took the challenge head straight things just got bigger and bigger and more complex to the point that sometimes I feel so depress. I can’t hit the exact target of my deadline.What’s wrong?It seems that as I reflect on the process of developing the system I realize that the software development stage is just the easiest part of the challenge. Way back 2003 when I was starting strong on this project I thought that systems development is the hardest part. As I try to detail the asp…