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Badminton: Intensity G

Yesterday, while I was working on my never ending system, one of my officemate Jojo approached me and said, “Mark laro tayo ng badminton bukas kalaban natin sina Erwin at Chris.” I was surprise and was filled with excitement and said, “Sure!” Then he made a follow up and said, “May pustahan pa naman.” I was smiling when he said that and said, “Sure no problem.”

As I go back coding, I told myself: “It will be fun because it is filled with thrills and you bet the intensity is like there is no tomorrow.” It’s been a week since I played badminton because my badminton racket cracked-up during my last game. I already had two rackets destroyed and decided to make some timeout to let go of the curse that hunts me. At around 5pm I decided to prepare myself for the ultimate challenge, I work out for one hour and thirty minutes and tried to condition and refresh my mind what are my mistakes and what must be done.

8:30am August 31, 2006 one of my officemate Jojo ask me “Ma men handa ka na ba? (Jojo…

Spiderman 3 Trailer

What else can I say? I love it!

Check this out: Spider-Man 3 Teaser Trailer

Bye bye Chikka Hello Sgoope

For almost 5 years of using chikka they never tried harder to market on VOIP(Voice over IP) and when I say VOIP I mean calls from mobile to landline and almost anywhere in the world. Though they managed to improve their MMS Service but they never learn how to work on calls. Skype is pretty cool but they never make an effort to put an edge over yahoo.

Here comes Sgoope! Well, what can I say? it just works baby! calls and text almost anywhere in the world for free! And what makes it best is they add additional extra time whenever you answer their question.

Here are the steps:

1. Download it and install it.

2. Run it and it will show you something like this:

Add an additional two zeros and the area code. Example for Globe users use this: 0063917...

Once the call is connected it will show you something like this:

Pretty cool eh!

Check this out: Sgoope

Java on OpenSource

Java will be opensource this comming October!

Check this out: Sun SVP of Software on open source Java

Solaris on the rise

It seems that Windows, Linux and Mac are not the only competitor in the desktop arena because Sun is comming in strong with it's Solaris OS.

Check this out: Looking Glass

Let the competition begin!

Microsoft Patch Patch Patch

Talk about spaghetti work here!

It just seems to get worse for Microsoft on the Windows security front. Now the software company has been forced to create a patch for a patch released earlier this month which has introduced a new critical security vulnerability in Internet Explorer.

In addition, it was revealed that two of the seven critical bugs revealed by Microsoft in August also affected the Beta 2 version of its upcoming replacement operating system Windows Vista. That news in itself was surprising because Microsoft has put a lot of work into making Vista bullet proof.

Check it here: Microsoft now needs a patch for its patch

J2EE vs. .NET

I just want to ease the burden for you so here's what I found:

.NET: Productivity, Simplicity and "Out-of-the-box"

J2EE: Flexibility, Complexity and "Do-it-yourself"

Period! That's it! No more blah blah blah.

Microsoft on Mozilla

Microsoft wants to help in the development of Firefox. It sounds pretty scary, doesn't it?

Check This Out: Mozilla will be assimilated (and feline musicphiles)

Forces That Flattened the World

The Beggining

It all started when Steve Jobs became more and more interested in Steve Wozniak progress on a new computer design. He started to get involve and after a few months, he convinced Woz to found a company to sell his computer to other hobbyists. He had understood that there were hundreds of software hobbyist out there, who, unlike Woz, was not interested in building a machine, but rather in using it for programming.

So, on April 1, 1976, Apple was born. The name “Apple Computer” was chosen because they hadn’t found anything better and because it was Steve’s favorite food at the time (he was a fruitarian). Jobs and Wozniak got each a share of 45% while the remaining 10% went to Ron Wayne, an Atari engineer who had given a hand to the duo. The original capital was quite modest: Steve had come up with $500 by selling his Volkswagen while Woz had brought another $500 by selling his HP calculator.

Woz started working on the design of the Apple II. The Apple II was a real breakthroug…

Bill Gates Speeches

This is a little bit late but I think it's still worth watching.

Microsoft Government Leaders Forum Africa - Cape Town, South Africa
July 11, 2006

Appearing with former U.S. President Bill Clinton at a gathering of government officials from across the African continent, Bill discussed how trends in information technology and software are changing the world in dramatic ways and helping Africa make significant progress in education, access to technology and infrastructure.

News Conference: New Era of Technical Leadership at Microsoft - Redmond, Wash.
June 15, 2006

Announcing his plans to transition out of a day-to-day role in Microsoft as of July 2008, Bill explained that he intends to reorder his daily priorities, not retire from Microsoft. Following the two-year transition, Bill will continue to serve as Microsoft's chairman and as an advisor on key development projects.

Check it here: Speeches: 2006

Murthy steps down

ndia's best-known entrepreneur NR Narayana Murthy was to step down on his 60th birthday on Sunday as chairman of software export giant Infosys, which he founded a quarter century ago.

Bye Dude!

Check this out: Murthy steps down as Infosys chief

The Book of Mr. Friedman

I just finish reading this book and man it did change a lot in my world. I believe that the contents inside this book is worth to all of you. In the next coming post in my blog I will rewrite some of the important points in order for me to improve my writing skills, English language, and share to you why our world is flat.

I was pretty much contented with the topic but I want to absorb all the things he pointed out and I think blogging is the right answer.

Vista patches

I guess Microsoft never learn at all even on betas...

Check this out: Microsoft releases Vista patches

Hot dog can cause cancer

I may be geek but I'm very much concern with my health too.

Check this out: Meat preservatives may cause cancer -- US study

Boosting my code

Codes, codes, codes I eat, breath, and live with codes from the moment I wake-up early in the morning until the day I drop myself into bed. Whenever I think I already mastered everything it never fails to amaze me when I instantly discover something to enhance some parts of my module inside my system.

Just when I thought everything was fine and going smoothly according to plan, with just one comment from a single user everything changed just like when you were hit by a bold of lightning.

When I showed to Karen our billing staff the process of conversion from their rover database to SQL Server she simply said. “Bat ang bagal?” and I said, “It only took 3hrs, was that long enough? Come on girl your kidding me right?” And guess her answer was? Absolutely “YES.” with a bold caps lock enabled.

What choice do I have? Developers are born for this kind of usual reaction. I’ve got to satisfy these users.

The next three days of my life was devoted on removing unnecessary codes that stores data to m…

Values that makes us human

Many times we take for granted the miracles the we experience in our daily life, it somehow condition our mind that time, wealth and health seems to last forever and we simply ignore the facts of reality that our life is indeed a miracle.

A lot of times I have seen people abuse this gift of life and never learned to share the real importance of what life is all about except their own personal satisfaction. Today I want to tell you three stories from my yesterday’s life.

The first story is about sharing what you have.

I was working on my project one afternoon doing the usual plumbing of connection from my system to my database when suddenly the ambiance of my environment changed into a certain level of distraction. People began talking to each other, some employees come and go inside our room, sometimes they join the conversation as they enter or leave the room with a banging of the door.

If you happen to experience what it is to solve mission critical and complex problems you would defini…

WWDC 2006

Steve Jobs rules the world again!

Check this out: Apple WWDC 2006

Outsourcing and Offshoring

When I think about cola, Coke comes first in my mind. When I think about music, iPod comes first in my mind. When I think about outsourcing, India comes first in my mind and when I think about offshoring, China comes first in my mind.

God knows how I envy both China and India that much because of the opportunities that come their way. It is so amazing how these two countries manage to dominate the flat world and left us with nothing but dust as they chase every single opportunities that comes their way.

Offshoring has been around for decades, is different from outsourcing. Outsourcing means taking some specific, but limited, function that your company was doing in-house-such as research, call centers or accounts receivable and having another company perform the exact function for you and then reintegrating their work back into your overall operation. Offshoring, by contrast, is when a company takes one of its factories that is operating, and moves the whole factory offshore. There, it p…

Enterprise: Ways on preventing temptation

For the past weeks rumors have been buzzing around my clients company regarding reading modification of a certain employee. For seven long years in a row now, this kind of problem has never been solved due to poor database and system security. It’s so amazing to see how this kind of company still manages to survive and continuously implement grievance case to individuals.

I still believe that it is every job of an information worker particularly the MIS department to make sure everything is secured, efficient, traceable and seamlessly innovative since system applications have become the back bone of a company. What else can you do when the people inside this department seems to have lost their passion and simply be contented on what they have. I just can’t blame them.

This is a good example of what will be the effect if we don’t re-invent the company and welcome change. And it will be harder for me more than ever since the administration will put more pressure on me to deliver the new s…