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My Final Meeting with the CFO

Every time I have a general meeting where I sit in front with every department users and our CFO will ask each individual if they still have any problems it never fail to give me the chills.

Because no matter how hard you try to make things predictable by asking them for feed backs may it be a day or an hour before the meeting most of this users are unpredictable especially when face with a strict boss.

Thankfully, I am very much happy with the results of our meeting this afternoon considering 95% of this users agree on the final completion of the project. It has never been an easy job because you have to convince all users plus the CFO.

Five years in software development has never been fun especially when you have to face every single concern employee and learn every detailed transaction of an electric company from registration, billing, inventory up to the very .01 transaction of payments. It takes passion, hard work and guts to build the project.

I have to say this is indeed one of my…

SocialMe Pushed Mailbox

Since the birth of internet and emails I have always been fascinated on how this great technologies are being created and even wonder how it feels to be part on working with these tools. Everyday, I check my emails and everyday I always ask myself how it is being done? And so the journey begins...

The first time I manage to pushed my emails using GWT-EXT and Javamail I was so excited with the technology because I know those technology are being used mostly by mobile phones. Unfortunately, GWT-EXT is a dying third party toolkit and I just realize it was way too slow as compared to the native GWT.

I told myself "From now on I will focus my everything on the native GWT no matter how hard it was."

And so I did and convert most of my codes to its native syntax. Honestly, I have never been so happy with how things are. It's simple, fast, cool and best of all it has a small amount of file size. The path to take this route was really hard but the benefits are totally amazing.


Google Earth 5.0

After watching the Google Earth 5.0 launch, I absolutely think that the new features such as:

Historical imagery from around the globe
Ocean floor and surface data from marine experts
Simplified touring with audio and voice recording

Are totally mind blowing that I could not help but just say "Wow". The partners who team up with Google is so enormous I would like to thank them. With their help a new master piece is born.

I just can't wait to download Google Earth 5.0

Watch the launch event: Google Earth 5.0 - Launch Event

Download Google Earth: Google Earth 5.0

GWT+Dynamic Table

A big YEAH for me!

After 6 hours of analyzing Google code for dynamic table I finally got it work on my application. The complexity on just how to make it run is nerve breaking. Google team are so advance in constructing their code I don't even have a clue on how to start with the basics.

The good news is all the fundamental structure of a simple dynamic table are now laid before my code. The bad news is I still have to understand some of its complexity as to why the function was design like that.

Don't you just love opensource? it makes you realize that you still have a lot of room to improve your programming skills.