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Google Wave Invitation

I have 8 invitations left who wants one? post your email address.

Wedding Design

My uncle Paul Clarence sister is getting married and I was assign to design the list of itinerary for the wedding although I am not really a designer kind of guy I decided to take the shot since I have been working with interface for the longest time. I did suck on my design when I first launch my site 7 years ago using asp but with the help of GWT I think it did help me a lot on bringing back the confidence.
Here is my design:

My Birthday

Today is my birthday and I am happy! :D

Google IO

Google largest developer event is coming on May 19-20, 2010. Can't wait for this!

SocialMe beta

I am happy to announce that after one year of development we are launching our beta web application. Feel free to test drive it and try to register to experience our cool applications.