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I just bought a new cam which is the Logitec Quick Cam 4000. It was cool with 1.3 megapixels and a usb 2.0 compatibility I like it very much. I was thinking of a webcam for my laptop and my first choice was a webcam that much my laptop but then when I check out the specs it was way to far with quick cam 4000 and it was even cheaper. I guess its the portability that makes it quite expensive but never the less I choose performance over portability.

About my work nothings new execept for the never ending development. Its quite boring if I post it over and over again. Two more modules and im on with my focus with the convertion of foxpro to sql server.

Darn it staying here is the longest project I ever have. Its been 1 year and soon to be 4 months as april will end. I just hope I wont loose my focus.

Time to start pondering those keyboard and start doing my daily routine.

Picture Updates

I just update my picture...:D

Haunted House

Yesterday I arrive at around 3pm in cabanatuan. All the way from davao I go straight ahead in here. Which means im back at work. When I arrive I was greated by some of my friends and they where glad to see me with the improvements of my allergy. Though I was a little bit scared that soon it will come back. Darn those bacteria. I didn't work really right away. As soon as I order some snacks (sad to say there were no mineral water) I decided to go to sleep. As soon as I wake up I decided to buy some personal things at mall. Then as soon as I finish all the things that I need to do at around 9pm I take a nap. And this was the story of my dream.

Its like I was in a big house then it was pretty weird. The settings was quite scarry. Every time I enter the house there was this lots of door more like a maze then as I enter the place I don't actually see those horror people like the white lady, or those scarry characters that you see. Its like there was nothing but smoke, still it gives…


I realize that I was being rude so I decided to delete my previous blog. To those people who read it lucky for you and to those who haven't sorry for you...:D I guess I was so unfair with my emotions and I realize that all I care was hate to this person. Sometimes there are stories in our life that should remain in our self.