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Database Search

Database...Database...Database what a pathetic word! It's because of this database from foxpro that I could not surf the net, blog, check the news and do my internet routine maintenance. I can sense that even my grammar and spelling in english is getting hell as coding your database program.

Imagine all i know is select, if, case and all those weird variables that I use to assign specific values. Life is indeed sucks especially when everything your world turns is just the four walls of your cubicle.

For the past 2 weeks my laptop seems to be running 24 hrs and 7 days a week due to this hellish administrator that keeps on changing standard settings. Did you know that im suffering in here! However, on a positive side just this afternoon we seem to get along together. Thank God for happy thoughts. I just hate it when the abiance in my environment is nothing but pure evil. We don't need to like each other to work together right. Just cooperate and everything will be fine. And don…

Yet Another Accident

I still remember clearly when I blog about people having an accident flying without wings. It was one brutal accident that I ever saw in my whole life. One of my regrets during those time was I never cared. I did mention on it clearly in my blog and I made a vow that day that I will help if another situation will came accross my destiny.

Just this evening when I was walking to go to a nearby place to eat my supper I walking besides a truck. The truck was loading and it did use its blizzard while waiting for something. Then while walking I heard a sound something like crushing but it was not clear what it is. When im about to reach the end of the truck I was thinking not to mind at all but something tells me that it might be an accident so I decided to look back and saw that it was really an accident.

There was some thought that tells me to just leave and not to care but I remember my promise and decided to help then while walking I saw the guy very clearly and it was one of our security…


This might be a little late but I just got some few pictures when I had my time in subic. Check it out...

sarap mag bike sa dagat...hehehe

volleyball baby hehehe
pina kain nanaman kami ng bola... hehehe

Microsoft Webcast

Check out Bill Gates keynote in San Jose, California...

Microsoft Mug

Guess what's the effect when you were given a microsoft mug as a birthday gift by your close friend?

Obviously, you take pictures and you blog about it! hehehe

Thanks Paul I just love your gift. Thanks to Jenny for the polo too...