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Maybe some of you are wondering how though and big is my system? To give you and overview here is the statistics

As you can see this is the number of stored procedure that I have been working at. Yup its pretty clear right? 1061 stored procedure

Check out the views and table. Obviously the number of views simply outrun the number of tables. Views play a very vital part in my system. Views are virtual tables which helps you integrate tables using sql queries but act as if it is a real table. In sql, accessing the views directly like inserting, deleting and updating records generates an error. Im not sure why but i guess its one way of protecting the sql tables. If ever you have a solution for this do tell me. As far as my knowledge is concern the only way you modify the data is by accessing the exact tables.

The last but not the least the diagram. I may have a few number of diagram but I have an enormous amount of trigger. Here is the sample:

I may haven't shown you the number of trigg…

Blogg Update

One reader name executor buzz me and told me to update my blog since its getting boring without any new thoughts to share with. Funny it may seems but I guess he was right after all. So I decided to blog. What's up with me anyway if some of you ask. At present I have been busy working with 2 things. The first one was the obvious which is my system. I have been focosing more of my time hoping to complete it anytime soon. However, although I almost finish 4 departments I still need to struggle 4 more departments to complete the system. Much more to that the second thing that im busy with which happen to gone from bad to worse is my skin. Im not sure if it is an allergy or skin disease that affects me currently. Darn im so tired trying to kill it as early and as effective as possible. The germs keeps on replicating and now its affecting my right side body.

Because of this im not sure if I want to continue this project or not. I need to go back to davao and seek for medical attention. …

Starting up a startup

Lately, i have been gathering thoughts and information on how to start a company. Luckily thanks to slashdot for the very informative news dedicated for geeks. Paul Graham, lisp hacker and creator of the company that became Yahoo! has a very inspiring article that will help people like me. Articles like what to do while in college, what high school students should do and a summer startup program, which invites people with good ideas to try out for some startup capital. Too bad this kind of opportunity is for US residents only. Maybe someday if Ill be successful I will create one like this.

The Launching

It's been a while since I post something sensible in my blog. What I mean about sensible is "Techno" related article. The real fact is I have been really busy for the right launching of the system and just today I just launch the first department. Whoppeee! for me. But it doesn't mean that its finished. I still need more time and hardwork to do to make this baby a real working monster. Ok, fine I know im getting weird, im talking about my system DNS(Digital Nervous System). The fun part was the lauching should have been done yesterday but because of confilict of schedule it was postpone and it rather started just today.

So what was the highlights then? First I started to demostrate the basic application the new application to the in charge person. Though I still need more adjustment to fix those bugs. The the most exciting part was the customer raltion where the users handle most of the complains. It was really fun because they where so amaze with the automatic job or…