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Google IO

For the past years I have been an advocate of Microsoft and Mac conferences. This time it's Google's first conference called Google IO

After watching the video I must say it was an awesome experience. I do believe that what Google just did has been a long dream for most developers. To have a powerful, open and scalable tools for free.

The power of desktop, web and mobile is now in our hands. I just love Google.

GWT 1.5

Google has just release the 1.5 version of their web toolkit. I'm hoping things gets better on it.

With 1.5 new capabilities are being introduce such as Java 5 syntax support. Java generics, enumerated types, annotations, auto-boxing, and variable parameter lists are enabled.

Honestly, I'm not sure what they are but it will be very interesting to learn them soon.

Check it out: Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit - Out of memory

In case some of you are working on GWT(Google Web Toolkit) using eclipse and you are experiencing out of memory problems during loading or compiling your web apps.

The anser is here...

Under Eclipse on run->open run dialog...

Select GWT Hosted mode application on the side tree and choose prameters tab and comfigure your VM Options with this syntax "-Xmx800m"

in executing the java virtual machine the "-Xmx" means the maximum range of memory and the "800m" means 800MB. Which means increasing the maximum memory upto 800Mega bytes.

GWT(Google Web Toolkit)

I have just finish releasing my first AJAX application. It was cool and perhaps soon I can work more on the content and the structure.

Feel free to check it out:

DNS Complete (SMI-Branch)

I am please to announce that I have managed to complete my system after four years in the making. Currently the annex branch of CELCOR(SMI-Palangke) is using my system already. Every single transaction that they made is powered by DNS. Just yesterday, I no longer stay there for maintenance. One more week to make it more mature and we will launch the new system on the main office. It really feels different whenever you see employees using your system you made all by your self. I could remember the day when John toured me to that place. I was excited because it was challenging but I was more nervous wondering if I could actually do it especially on the part of processing payments.
It’s always been hard work and persistence against all odds that made me complete this task. Here’s how my module look like now:

Another scary part when I visited the SMI was figuring out on how to create a program that will process the transferring of data from SMI to the main office. Once again thank God fo…

Microsoft to show new search tech

I was reading an article about Microsoft new technologies and it says:

"Microsoft hopes to back up its refrain that it has a plan to catch Google by showing off some improvements to its Live Search product at a company-sponsored advertising conference later this month..."

Read more here

While reading the article I was about to believe in them because they have just withdrawn their bid on Yahoo! and decided to take things on their own to beat Google. However, at the end of the story one comment changes everything and it says:

"Once again we are on the Microsoft roundabout. Promising the next big thing in search or the next big thing in computing. Meanwhile, their competitors deliver the goods without the hype. People use Google for a reason, it delivers. Microsoft promises to deliver and simply continues to fail."

Honestly, It's so true! Maybe Microsoft should stop talking those hype and deliver.